I noticed that Una Persson (aka Anthracite) has SDSAB,which I assume is “Straight Dope Science Advisory Board” below her name where most of us just have charter member.
Is that a title bestowed by Cecil?
Is it a paid position?
How many SDSAB’s are there?
Who are they?

Well hell. The title was supposed to be all Caps.
Note to self " Proof read,Proof read, Proof read

allyouwannano about the SDSAB.

As for your thread title, all-caps is disallowed (I guess it’s one of the options the admins can set in vB) to prevent people from SHOUTING, so preview wouldn’t have helped you in this case. There are, unfortunately, as here, a few cases where that option is less than optimal.

To clarify about the thread titles, if part of that title is in all-caps (e.g., acronyms or initialisms inside a longer text passage), then that’s allowed. But to have every last character capitalized is a no-no.

Should we make the linked pos sticky? This seems to be a commonly asked question and as they are one of the very few different titles it may be a good idea.

Good idea, flight, thanks!

HEY! Who made the thread title all caps??? Make me look like a liar!!! It’s a conspiracy to defame my already low reputation!!!


Swell, only you stickified the wrong thread, ya big goofball. You’re getting a noogie if we ever meet up at a Dopefest.

I did. Moderators and Administrators can edit thread titles and make them all caps. I felt it was appropriate here.

What Staff Reports has Una written?

I’m guessing she’s the go-to gal for questions about coal and related geology.

I’d love it if there were a list of SDSAB members that told us what they’re experts in.

Like a Justice League roster that details each member’s super-powers.

Una is also an expert on mechanical engineering issues in general, and on computers. Most recently, she also wrote the current column on evaporating water, which doesn’t really fall into any of those categories, but is still good.

Colibri is the Straight Dope Curator of Critters, and tends to write about animals, especially birds. Doug is an entymolygist, or bug guy. Sometimes these two collaborate, too.

Myself and Karen are both physicists. She’s a particle physicist, and tends to answer quantum questions, while I’m a relativist, and tend to answer more cosmological or astronomical questions. At intermediate scales, either of us could answer.

samclem is a coin dealer, but also an etymolygist, and mostly answers questions about origins of words or phrases.

David B doesn’t seem to write very many reports any more, but he used to do a lot of them. Mostly, they were debunking various supernatural claims.

bibliophage is a devourer of books, and when it happens that he’s recently read a book about some topic, he’s likely to answer a question or three about that topic. Given his reading habits, this can be almost anything.

JillGat is mostly retired from the Dope now, but she used to be the number 1 contributor to the Staff Reports. Her specialty is epidemiology, but she can write on anything.

And C K Dexter Haven, of course, can also write on most anything, and also coordinates the efforts of all the other staff members. Translation: He’s the guy who’s always cracking the whip on us to write more reports.

Incidentally, you can find what reports a staff member has written by searching the Staff Reports archive for their name. Since they all contain a line like “SDSTAFF Una replies:”, this will find their reports.

Did I miss anyone?

I think you might have, yes. :wink:

I actually know a lot about some computer issues, but am ignorant in others.

I wrote the following columns:

“Did Spartan mothers really tell their sons, “With your shield or on it?””

What’s the “Scroll Lock” key on my computer for?

What’s the difference between hard water and soft water?

What is the hottest part of a flame?

How can water turn to vapor below the boiling point?

I have about…5 or so that are done and waiting for publication.

I keep hearing this incredible “sucking” sound… :smiley:

[sub]overachiever[/sub] !!

I’ve been kinda curious anyway. What exactly is your specialty?? You couldn’t have majored in everything could you?? It’s amusing the way there could be 20 questions on the front page, ranging from complex hydrodynamics to puppet carving, and you’ll have an answer for all of them. What’s up with that?

Primarily electronics, specifically magnetic components (inductors and transformers). I’m also a licensed Ham operator, so I have a healthy (some might say “unhealthy”) interest in RF and audio circuitry. Plus I read a lot. I’ll read anything I can get my hands on in any area of science and technology, and I like to try to stay current on these topics. The Internet helps there. Also, I like to do research, which helps me write Staff Reports and post on a wide variety of subjects which interest me.

Even puppet carving :smiley:

You do great work, Q.E.D. (as do the rest of the SDSAB, bTW). But I just had to tell you what my sick sense of humor did with this line…

I visualized a large Easter ham, studded with cloves and pineapples, with wings protruding from the sides and a steering wheel jammed into the front end of the top, flying around in strafing runs with you riding and steering it and waving one hand in glee! :smiley:

I’ll have what Polycarp’s having. :slight_smile:

that would be Waiter

Heh. You crack me up. :smiley: