Sealemon88, you dirty rat !

OK buddy , this is it !

I dreamed about you the other night, (this is Texas talk people, he will know what the other night means) .

This is what I dreamed.

For some reason you and I had gone to Lake Houston, to the dam. I was washed over the dam. You didn’t even try to help me ! You just kept feeding the snakes ! (WTF???)

When I reached the lake after almost drowning, you had left !

Now explain yourself young man !

Paging Doctor Freud!

“Feeding the snakes”? Is that what they’re calling it these days?


No, no, no ya perv ! He was actually stand on the bank feeding the water mocassins (sp ?). Him and a bunch of other sickos.

Just a slight bump to give the cad and snake feeder a chance to explain himself.

Sealemon ! I know you’re here now ! Answer up fella !

DUDE, I am tired of chasing you with this, get in here ! Splain yourself !

I went looking for more snakes. Duh.

Happy now?

Well, NO I’m not.

You still have not explained, a) why you were in my dream, b) why you were feeding snakes, and c) why you didn’t help me !

The nerve of some people ! :stuck_out_tongue:

a) I was bored.

b) They were bored.

c) When you fell in, I wasn’t bored anymore!


You just wait until the next HouDope buddy ! I will pinch your butt for that one !