Sean Connery's Beard

Hi Gang -

I am starting a web page on my movie site, dedicated to tracking the movie incarnations of Sean Connery’s beard.

It seems that everyone’s favorite James Bond has not sported a clean shaven face hardly at all, if ever, outside of the Bond movies themselves. Can anyone think of a counter example? He sometimes appears with just a mustache, or with a goatee, or even with a hybrid sort of deal like in “The Man Who Would Be King”, but has he ever been totally clean shaven in a non-Bond role? I certainly can’t remember one.

Please send me any corrections or updates, and checkout the beginnings of the page at:

I promise to try to keep it up to date as the data rolls in. Thanks!..Timmy

His head looks pretty clean-shaven too.

Plenty of his early movies would fit the bill, but for the sake of mentioning a well-known one I’ll say Marnie.

Here’s his IMDb entry. Take your pick before, say, Zardoz.

how about Darby o’Gill and the little people ?

How about it? Are you saying he had a beard in it, or not?

Yes, I started at IMDb, but they don’t always show pictures. That’s why I’m asking for input. Thanks!..Timmy

When I read the title, I thought it would make a good exclamation – along the lines of “Great Caesar’s ghost!”

Haven’t you seen Marnie yourself? Alfred Hitchcock movie? It must’ve been on TV a zillion times. Anyway, he’s clean-shaven in that.

In Zardoz he’s got an enormous '70s droopy moustache but only stubble on the chin if memory serves. I haven’t seen the one captainQwark mentioned, but of the ones I have seen (or have seen clips of) here’s a face fungus rating for each…

Clean shaven (?) sailor in A Night to Remember (about the Titanic disaster).
Clean shaven war correspondent in Another Time, Another Place.
Clean shaven ex-con in Hard Drivers.
Clean shaven mobster in The Frightened City.
Clean shaven soldier in On the Fiddle.
Clean shaven soldier in The Longest Day.
Clean shaven tycoon in Woman Of Straw.
Clean shaven soldier in The Hill.
Clean shaven poet in A Fine Madness.
Clean shaven tracker/hunter in Shalako.
Moustache-wearing coal miner in The Molly Maguires.
Clean shaven explorer in The Red Tent.
Clean shaven ex-con in The Anderson Tapes.
Moustache-wearing cop in Offence.
Moustache-wearing army officer in Murder On The Orient Express.
Moustache-wearing military cop in The Terrorists.
Big moustache-wearing soldier in The Man Who Would Be King.
Moustache-and-goatee-wearing Arab diplomat in The Next Man (spectacularly inappropriate accent natch).
Moustache-wearing soldier in A Bridge Too Far.
Neatly-trimmed full beard in The Great Train Robbery.
Moustache-wearing scientist in Meteor.
Moustache-wearing soldier in Cuba.
Closely-trimmed full beard in Outland.
Moustache in Wrong Is Right.
Moustache in Five Days One Summer.
Van Dyck beard in Highlander and Highlander II.
Moustache in The Untouchables.
Moustache in The Presidio.
Moustache in Family Business.
Goatee in The Russia House.
Moustache in A Good Man In Africa.
Moustache in The Avengers.

Full beard in about seventeen films, mostly since the '90s. Hope this helps.

While I haven’t seen a great many of his films, I always thought THIS was the most spectacularly inappropriate accent. His character is supposed to be Spanish, and he looked absolutely silly with that eye makeup…

In fairness I could’ve added that comment to most of the items in the list couldn’t I? I thought I’d already used up my cut-and-paste quota though. He looked even siller in Zardoz.

WOW, everton, great list! You are clearly an internet resource. Thanks a zillion!!..Timmy

You’re very welcome. I suppose you could say that the last time he appeared in a non-Bond film with no facial hair was 1971 (The Anderson Tapes). Never Say Never Again was released in 1983.

sorry, I should have made things clearer. In Darby o’Gill and the little people he’s clean shaven