search engine of pawn shops (and their items)?

I’m in the process of trying to locate and purchase an ususual gun known as an MBA gyrojet pistol. I’m told they end up at pawnshops now and again and are often a real bargain when they do show up.

That said, are there any search engines out there anyone knows of where you can search for items pawnshops have for sale? I figure someone out there must be doing this as a service for large networks of pawnshops but I can’t find it if it exists.

Incidentally, before people start recommending various gun sales sites to me as an alternative, I can tell you that every time I have used one of these, the gun is almost always long gone with ad taking months to come down off the site.

So you want to buy a little rocket launcher?

Re the search engine the answer is “Yes” it’s called Ebay. Pawnshops are one of the biggest listers on Ebay and for some it’s their primary mode of selling but IIRC Ebay does not list guns.

Try some of the usenet gun related forums and ask if anyone has one to sell. Possibly something in the rec.guns area

This site seems to have some that come and go

You can put a “looking for” inquiry here