Search function

What happened to the “Search” field on the home page? If I want to see if there is a past column on George Washington chopping down a cherry tree, I used to be able to key in “George Washington” or “cherry tree” in the Search field (signified by the image of a magnifying glass) and numerous results would be displayed for me to scroll through. I don’t seem to be able to do that anymore. Considering how valuable these columns are for researchers, I hope that this function will be restored.

It’s still there.

On Friday through Sunday it goes way down the page to just above the “Recent Additions” and “Threadspotting” columns.

The rest of the week it’s directly under the Classic Column or Staff Report being run that day.

I promise you it’s there! There’s other things to look at too if you page down.

your humble TubaDiva

It’s right there, underneath “Related Columns” and “Related Threads”, above “Recent Additions” and “Threadspotting”.