Search Help Needed

In the last year or two, there was a thread which discussed which charities corporations give to.

In it was a link discussing how Chil-Fil-A gives money to a group that discourages the use of condoms.
Try as I might, I can’t locate it with the search engine.

Help please?

try search username and condom w/ results displayed reverse order. it’ll give the first 500 posts insted of the last :slight_smile:

sorry Bosda I just checked that link and it went to the new thread I’ll check it again but I know I had it awhile ago. The boards acting strange for some reason. too many folks?

t-keela, that thread is the reason for his search in the first place. It’s still on the front page of GQ. :slight_smile:

I see that now. I read the original search date wrong. i was looking at the date joined instead of the date posted. That thread is the only thread I find anywhere at the SDMB that deals with Chik-fil-a AND condoms dating back several years. There is however a thread at this forum that deals with the Chik-fil-a/condom debate. I did not read the details, just the cite. Sorry Bosda :frowning:

Since you’re the one who read and remembers it, any help as to what the anti-condom group was?

It was religious/evangelical. The F word applies.