Search returning quotes containing username.

I apologise if this has been discussed. I have seen examples (on other message boards) that show that in vbulletin 3 it is possible for a search using a username as the keyword to return results where that username is used within the new style of quote tags.
So is it merely a policy of the dope that searches here do not return said instances of username?

I’ll just add that I would like to see that feature return if at all possible.


I’d like to see it too. It’s useful to be able to find out through searching if someone has replied to somthing I posted.

I have the same problem with my browser’s Find on Page function (ctrl-f).
If I’m searching down the page for a name, it chokes at the one inside the quote box.

What browser are you using? I don’t have this problem.

I’m using this browser which looks like Opera, but is constructed as an extension on top of Internet Explorer, but when I open this thread in IE6 I can find things inside the quote box.

Sheer speculation follows.

They turned off indexing quotes to cut down on the index size and figured that the text was already indexed in the original post. When Jelsoft made this an option, they weren’t aware of this side effect.

It would be nice if only the quoted username was indexed. Maybe someone could suggest this to Jelsoft.