Notification system when someone has quoted you?

I love this board in every way but one thing that has always bugged me is that I often find myself checking on threads I’m no longer really interested in following just in case someone has replied to something I said, and may be expecting a reply back from me.

This is an issue because the threads here can grow rather large rather fast, and if I actually read through every reply to every thread I’ve posted in, I would never get off my ass and away from the computer. (I don’t really get off my ass and away from the computer enough as it is)

But of course often people do reply to each others comments, and I like having that interaction when I get it. It would be really, really nice if there was an option of viewing a list of “Threads where you have been quoted” so one could quickly and easily see if anyone is expecting one to post again in a thread where one has previously made an appearance.

Any possibility of this happening? (or does it already exist somewhere that I haven’t noticed?)

If it’s not a feature of standard vB (and this feature isn’t, even in the most recent version, AFAICT) then the chances of getting it are slim to none–with a heavy lean towards none. Agree it would be a useful feature, but I don’t see it happening any time soon.

We actually had it years ago but it went away after an upgrade. I have no idea if it was standard in an old version or an upgrade that was lost.

It would be nice to have it back.

This was obviously before my time. Was it vBulletin back then, or some other forum software? I’ve been poking around the vB site looking for this as either a standard feature or an addon, but I haven’t had any luck yet. Might help if I knew what it was called; I’ve been searching on variants of “quote notification.”

My curiosity over being quoted or responded to has been satisfied by way of the Search feature where I will use my username as a keyword and see which threads that occurs in. If my name has been misspelled or omitted, and if my interest in the thread is such that I don’t go back to it to check posts made after my latest one, then I’ll miss whatever was said to or about me.

I’ve been reasonably satisfied that I’ve kept up with such things, but not 100% sure I have seen it all. I can live with that much, though.

It used to be the case that searching for your username as a keyword would also find the posts where you had been quoted - finding the “originally posted by grimpixie” text it would seem. But as hajario says, this vanished after one of the upgrades (some years ago).

I used to use that every now and then to find threads that I’d been part of, but as I’m not that prolific a poster, it doesn’t really bother me that much.


It still works for me.

Works for me too.

Really? Try it again and tell us if it found this thread.

And remember to type your username in the search keywords box on the left, NOT the username entry box on the right. The other way finds all the threads you posted in, not just ones you were quoted in.

Okay, I did. The returned threads for “Zeldar” as a keyword all have the feature that “Zeldar” is included in somebody’s post as such. If just quoted matter is involved, the thread doesn’t come back. I suppose I had not connected the two forms, since the ones I had checked before had “Zeldar” as part of the text, instead of the “Originally Posted by Zeldar” form.

Sorry for the confusion. I was wrong.

Unless there’s a timing issue with how soon new posts are available to the Search function, this thread now has the feature of not showing itself with a Search Keyword even though “Zeldar” is now in the text, and not just in the “Originally Posted by Zeldar” form. Now I’m really confused.

There must indeed be a timing issue, because the thread now appears in the list after a Search Key Word action. The issue remains that if your username is within the text of a post, and if enough time has lapsed since that post was made – check the times on my last two posts for an estimate – you can locate references made to you by way of your username. The “Originally Posted by your username” option is, as others have shown, not available in the current version of the software.

I’ve tried searching for my name but get all posts with ‘will’ and ‘repair.’
I’ve tried " “will repair” " in the search but got the same results.

How do I search for “Will Repair”, those words, both words, and in that order with nothing in between?

It may just be that your username and the Key Word Search criteria are incompatible. That would be my guess, anyway. Sad thing is that even if you got them to change your username, those old posts would still be unaffected with the changeover since the text wouldn’t know to change the way the post author field might change. Looks like you’re doomed, no matter what. :frowning:

Hi, Will Repair, I have the same problem. The search Engine breaks posts into single keywords as opposed to the far more sophisticate Google indexing. So it has no way to know when ‘Will Repair’ or ‘What Exit’ occur next to each other. The best it can do is a search returning only those threads with both words. In my case this even fails as What is not an indexed word.

Your Will gets the same error as my What: “The following words are either very common, too long, or too short and were not included in your search: Will”

If you do a search like this:

Paint AND Repair 

it should give you only posts with both keywords.