Searching for a perfect coffee pot

My girlfriend has been looking for a coffee pot that meets several criteria that are such that a pot possessing all these requirements may or may not exist. She’s enlisted my help but, not really being a coffee drinker, I thought asking here would be a more fruitful approach. Here is what she is looking for:

  1. Not a Keurig or Nespresso or pod machine
  2. Makes 2-4 cups. But, even one cup would be okay
  3. Programmable to come on in the morning at a certain hour
  4. Has a water tank that can just be left full and doesn’t need filled every time she wants to make coffee
  5. Ideally, she could put a filter and ground coffee in the night before so all she has to do in the morning is tell it to brew. (Obviously a coffee meeting #3 would do this).

Any suggestions?

That does all but point 4. I’m not sure if they make ones that fulfill point 4. I haven’t seen one where you just dump a gallon of water in once a week.

Hmm. Almost, but no dice. She wants one with water storage. What she wants may not exist.

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It’s evident that quality of the brew isn’t needed to reach perfection. :frowning:

That issue never made the list.

She is a wanna be coffee drinker.

Leave her before it is too late!

There are a lot of four-cup programmable drip machines out there. I’ve got one for the quick kick to get me going on work days when I’m too groggy to screw around with grinding beans fresh and mucking around with a french press. Can’t remember if I got it at Target or Bed Bath and Beyond, but it does everything on that list except #4 - like every other drip maker I’ve seen, it starts heating water and doesn’t quit until the tank is empty.

Unless she’s drinking tiny cups, she’d want to set up the machine at night with one scoop of coffee and 2 cups of water as marked on the carafe since a standard “cup” is 6 ounces.

There only machines I’ve seen that don’t boil all the water in their tank are commercial models with a water feed that brew the same large pot every time.

Have you considered getting her a coffee machine and a pitcher to hold extra water for the next cycle?

Do they make coffee makers where you can just put a gallon of water in, and program it to make 12 oz of coffee once a day for 10 days in a row before you have to refill the water? Every coffee maker I’ve seen uses whatever water you put in it.

Having said that, I find this thread interesting and want to research this.

What about this thing.®-14-Cup-Programmable-Coffeemaker.product.100226551.html

14 cup capacity, programmable, but you can set it up to only make 1-4 cups at a time. In theory you only fill the water reservoir once every 14 days if you are only doing 1 cup a day. Wouldn’t any programmable 12+ cup maker do that if you are only making 1-2 cups at a time?

However I’m not sure if this is a device where you can add 14 cups of water, then tell it to make 1 cup a day for 14 days. As **puzzlegal **said, I think most models boil whatever water you put into it. I think, I am still using a $10 model.

Is she going to wash out the carafe every day? I’m going to assume not if putting water in the machine each day is a hassle.

Also you have to put the new filter and grounds in everyday, adding the water takes an extra 10 seconds. Not ragging her, I just don’t understand her logic. In theory you are supposed to rinse out the carafe, add a filter, and add grounds everyday as well as add water. Even if there is a large water tank you still have to do the first two, or at the very least do 2 and 3.

My bold.

The WAY you tell most pots how many cups to make is by how much water you put in it. Maybe this one is different. Download and read the manual.

Why is she down on the Keurig-type? That’s exactly what fits her criteria.

(But not the Keurig brand. I had two of those and they both eventually just stopped working. I have a Mr. Coffee Keurig-style machine, and I love it.)

Her concern about the Keurig type systems is the cost per cup and the waste, however apparently there are reusable ones that you can fill with your favorite ground coffee beans, E.g.

Think she will try this. The Costco Cuisinart looks like it goes through the whole water reservoir so may not meet her criteria

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There is also a morning coffee delivery service called Fetch.

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