Searching for Sourdough Starter

As the weather gets colder - my homebodiness starts to rear its head again… so I’d like to try making sourdough bread.

I found a recipe for making your own starter, but am kinda hoping some kind Doper out there has a crock ful that he/she would be willing to share.

I can trade starter for Amish Friendship bread (a sweet quick bread) - it’ll be ready this Friday (10/26)

Ahhh…you’ve hit on one of my specialties. I have been out of the SD baking hobby for a bit, but I’m now getting back into it. I just ordered some starter from Sourdoughs International. If you can wait a week…I could spin off a batch.

I used to have some of Carl Griffith’s free starter…I’ll probably get some for the winter. It works great, with a great flavor.

Also King Arthur Flour sells starter…although I’ve never used it.

BTW, if you need any references for sourdough baking, there is a great set of FAQs here.

I just got a call from a friend last night…I will get my starter from her on Thursday! She will be giving me my share of both Amish Friendship Bread (AFB) and Sourdough starter.

I had soooooo much fun w/ my AFB last winter!! I don’t mean to hijack your thread…but, what “extras” did you use for your AFB?

I made it with…

  • Blueberries
  • Banana and walnuts
  • Cherries (using chocolate pudding instead of vanilla) and adding cloves and extra cinnamon, and walnuts

Beagledave - I would like to take you up on your offer - see profile for e-mail.

I don’t think it would be a good idea to order Carl Griffith’s sourdown starter right now - powdery substance in the US mail… nahhh!

**Angelnside ** - this will be my first batch, actually - - so will prob keep it plain - but I like your suggestions!

Okay. Now I’m hungry. I lost my starter the last time I moved (didn’t survive the trip for some reason). I really love sourdough bread, and baking my own. Great idea, Politzania. And great links, Beagledave. I have to agree, sending powder of any kind through the mail right now is probably not a great idea, darn it. Is there anything you might wish for in trade for some of your starter, whenever you have it ready, beagledave?

I’ve never had Amish Friendship Bread before. I don’t have any sourdough starter, but perhaps there is something else I might trade you for some? And you have some excellent suggestions for fillers, Angelnside.

Politzania, did you ever get your sourdough starter? I just had a friend give me some and she also gave me the Amish Friendship Bread starter. I can’t wait to get to baking…she gave me a piece of her Friendship bread that she adapted to include chocolate pudding instead of Vanilla…chocolate chips, and get this…PUMPKIN SPICE!!

It was delicious!