Searching for the Searchers

A friend of mine is looking up the 1960s rock group “The Searchers” and is coming up pretty dry. He’s interested in the constant personnel changes, the discography, the reconstituted groups that are calling themselves “The Searchers” currently, etc. More than half the time, he lights on websites about the John Ford film, after which the group named itself, but I was wondering if there’s some sort of website specializing in the group, or in 1960s pop music, or something that has been found to be satisfactory and authoritative.

Well there’s their Allmusic page, for starters.

And their catalogue on

And I’ve found a few fan pages here and here .

On google, I just searched for (“John McNally” “The Searchers”) together. That should filter out the movie pages.

Let me know ifyou find what you’re lookin’ for. I’m on needles and pins waiting to hear… :slight_smile: