Searching the Username Space

Hi @codinghorror

Is there a mechanism for searching the space of usernames?

I know the Users page has a filter function that will filter on the first letter(s) of a username. And I know about the similar autocomplete of the @ syntax to refer to a user within a post.

But I’m looking for a feature like “Return a list of all users whose name contains the string ‘guy’ anywhere in the relevant field(s)”. From there I could count them, or click to visit their user summary pages. So the results would be akin to what the user page (filtered or not) currently shows.

For staff, or for regular users?

For regular users to search for regular users.

One of the use cases is puzzlegal’s lament that she can’t remember enough of somebody’s name to find them as-is, but she can remember a syllable or so.

My use case was similar: “out of curiosity, which users and how many have [cat] as part of their name?”

Moderators can access a search of all users. Put in part of a name and it will search both user names and emails. This is not available to regular users.

Thank you. Makes sense the feature would exist. And I can see some logic to not exposing it to the entire user group, including anonymous “users” which is really to say the entire internet, Bulgarian bots and all.

Sounds like a great candidate for being something you can assign to a Trust Level. It seems to me that bad actors would t make it to Trust Level 2, so maybe it could be a feature for us.