searching using my name finds threads without my name in.

If I do a search for Username:Lobsang show results as threads, the results turn up threads that I have neither posted in nor have been mentioned in.

Why is that?

Could you recreate the search and give us the link, Lobsang?


The ‘acroname game’ thread (or at least the linked page) does not contain my name. And I suspect neither does ‘the consecutive number game’ but I haven’t checked as the boards are a bit choppy tonight.

Yes, it does.

Oops. Messed up link, but the postid ait contains is right. Second page of that thread.


You DO realize that vanity searches kill hamsters by the score, don’t you? Don’t you? I believe that our tech has said that searches put THE most strain on the server. So don’t do vanity searches unless you’ve got a damn good reason.

For the Straight Dope

Oops. Messed up link, but the postid ait contains is right. Second page of that thread.

from Q.E.D.'s link. Have I been whooshed?


Whooshed? No, I don’t think so. Q.E.D. said he’s mucked up the link, Lobsang. In that acroname thread, you posted at least twice.

Q.E.D. I did a search for my name, show results as threads, from ‘whenever’. Then I click on the linked ‘acroname game thread’ and then I type ctrl-f and type ‘lobsang’

It finds the usuall ‘Lobsang [logout]’ at the end of the page, and nothing else.

The same is true for the ‘consecutive number’ page linked to.
I might possibly be in those threads on different pages, but not on the specific page found.

Lynn what’s the score on disabling the search ability alltogether if it is such a burden, and re-enabling it for one hour a day?

So, you only checked the first page of a multi-page thread you did appear in?

I always thought the search feature was supposed to link to the specific page rather than the first page. It does for other search setups.

Not if you ask for the results as threads, rather than posts, Lobsang. If it had the option of “find page”, you’d be home and hosed.

As it is, yes – you need to use your find function for every page on a multi-page thread. The search is finding you – you’re just not looking far enough.

I guess I didn’t take ‘find results as threads’ literally enough.
Thanks for the help ** Ice Wolf** and Q.E.D., and Lynn I’ll try to refrain from vanity searches FNO.