"Seasonal" SDMB Activity?

Looking at my post count just a few moments ago, I realized that it is at this time of year that I am the busiest posting on SDMB. Is it that way for you as well?

I am sure it’s because this time of year (:() is my “lonely and sad” time, so I guess I’m reaching out to my Doper buds to “help me through”.

Does that make me fuckle, or a hypocrite?

I bet if someone were to do a demographic (is that the correct term?) study, they’d find more postings during the Fall/Winter seasons than at any other time, or am I just pointing out the obvious?

Yeah, I’m trying to raise my post count - can’t you tell!? :wink:



I don’t think you can do that on the SDMB. Might be nice to try, but I don’t think it would work. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is kind of a downer time of year. We’re here for ya!

I go through phases of reading/posting, but I don’t think it’s seasonal, per se.

Yeah I’m also irritable and a bit depressive at this time of year. I think it’s because of the shorter days. I probably have a very minor case of SAD.

{{hug}}. I’ll pass on the fuckle though :wink:

Oh shit.

I wondered what y’all were talking about!!!

So I don’t get no fuckle, huh?:frowning:

Okay, well then I’ll just go home to Rothenburg and pick myself up a FICKEL! :cool:

May the “Preview Gods” take pity on me this night!