How do you get time to post here? (Poll)

Posting on the SDMB, and giving due justice to the serious, involved subjects takes time, no matter how fast you type. When I look at some members’ postings (and you know who you are, and so do we…) it seems like they must have a full time job writing to SDMB. I spend hours here and I can’t come anywhere near the volume I see.

If, like me, you only have limited time here, you need not reply – this is for heavy posters only.

So here’s the poll: How do you get the time here? Here’s some ideas, add more as you see fit.

  1. I’m independently wealthy, accountable to no one, and spend most of my days here.
  2. I can get away with little actual labor at work, and spend my time on SDMB instead.
  3. I’m disabled, (and/or) confined to bed and need to stimulate my mind.
  4. I work for SDMB.
  5. I’m a kid, and I can get away with it.
  6. I’m a politician.
  7. I’m retired.

Please be honest, we won’t squeal on you… :smiley:

Moderator’s Note: Polls belong in our “In My Humble Opinion” (IMHO) forum, so I’ll move this thread there.

Well, I pulled a sickie from work today so that I could devote some time and energy to giving my house a good springclean.

I’ll get around to it later. :smiley:

I’m going to guess that #2 will be a very popular answer. :smiley:

3 would fit me the best. I’m not confined to a bed, thank goodness, however I don’t work because of it.

So I come online to various message boards all day. I don’t usually use the internet for much else.

I can’t surf at work; I’m too busy. Darn it.

The time I’m supposed to be spending doing things to make sure my house doesn’t get talked about in the “describe the dirtiest house you’ve ever been in” gets siphoned off to linger here, among other web haunts.

This site and others I am fond of are part of my entertainment time. I’d rather do this than watch most television or videos.

But I really should be cleaning.


I’m recovering from getting hit by a car while walking to work and am literally online 12+ hours a day since I live alone and don’t have a TV to watch or anyone to talk to.

I’ve found that if you forsake your friends, and you wife is on a business trip, you can post pretty much 24/7. :smiley:

I’m not a prolific poster, but I spend a lot of time surfing and reading.

I’ve got time because I’m currently a full-time student. I’ve always found that college/grad school doesn’t require nearly as much time for me that it does from others. I spend 15 hours in class per week and probably average another 5 on studying. So, with only 20 hours of work to do per week, I have a lot of free time.

Of course, I am much more busy around test time.

Definitely two.

I also like to peruse the SDMB at night before I go to bed. Especially if there’s nothing good on TV. It’s very addicting.

Two, absolutely.

The work:Dope ratio is about 40:60 most days, and running at about 20:80 today.

“work:Dope”, damnit, “work:Dope”! <sigh>…I hate forgetting to uncheck the “Disable smilies” box.

I usually browse when I’m having a break and eating a meal or what have you, if I’m the only one here and don’t have any other work that needs to be done on the computer (answering email, working on my store, updating webpage, etc.) that can be multi-tasked.

Sometimes in long stretches of drawing I will stop to read a bit for ten minutes or so just to give my hand a rest.

Some of the most prolific posters on SDMB have not checked in here yet. Hope they do!

This is in no way a put-down or judgement call re: how much time someone spends here (if anything, I’m envious! I wish I had more time.), it’s your time and you can do with it as you choose. Many of the prolific posters provide the rest of us with great information and/or entertainment.

That said, when you look at how long someone has been here (Join Date – Present ) and how many posts they have made and do a quick calculation you can get an average of posts per year, then posts per day… wow!

Keep them cards and letters coming!

I have a 2-hour gap between classes most days (I’m in college) so I usually get on SD for a little while at that time. I also have a lot of free time in the evenings that I use to surf the web and whatnot if I don’t particularly have anything better to do. I don’t have a job and I’m a poor college student so it’s not like my time is at a premium.

Or…you could just click on their name, and view their User Profile, which has a stat on “posts per day.” :smiley:

(Snif) Well, that’s if you have “Charter Member” or better under your name. We lowly Guests cannot, nor can we search “New Posts” nor create a Sig.

Ya gotta pay your dues… I’m yet undecided, and this thread was started partly for that reason. This board is like Disneyland – a great place, but you gotta have the time to get to all the rides and attractions.

I’ve lurked for a long time, and signed on as a guest when I had some time to devote. If I can’t figure out how to find enough time… well then, there’s little utility of signing up. Though I’d love so spend 4+ hour a day here.

When I can’t sleep late at night I watch TV and do this.

#2. I view this place as where I get paid to post and they make me do a little work. Actually, I work in rental property management, which means I do 50% of my work the first week of the month, and very little the rest of the time.

I presume I qualify as a ‘heavy poster’ (though my weight is none of your business!).

I spend about 30 minutes most days browsing and posting at the board.
It makes a pleasant change from work, chess, computer games, reading, TV, walking etc.