How much time do you guys spend on the SDMB?

I’m relatively, actually very by most standards, new here. I am already thinking I am going to need a 12 Step Program pretty soon. Consider just a couple of my new behavioral traits:

paranoia – who set all my clocks up?

rationalization – *maybe I should telework today to jumpstart that new project (especially problematic when there is no new project) *

**feelings of pending withdrawal – ** we won’t be out really late tonight, will we?

Please help me out here, whether you are **new like me-OMG! ** or a seasoned doper with a kazillion post count…knowing that from DTD YMMV…about how much time do you spend on the SDMB?


There’s no escape.

Hey, the place is Internet Heroin.

I’m logged in before I go to work, to see what I missed while I was sleeping. Then I’m logged in at work, all day, and read periodically. Then I log in when I get home and it’s up while I do other stuff, and I switch back and forth until I go to bed.

If the people here weren’t so damned intelligent and funny, there wouldn’t be a reason to stay!

Waaay too much. You’re hooked already, huh?
Think about it for a minute. You’ve got a passle of folks at your beck and call. People that are likeable (for the most part) :wink:
witty, intelligent and are able to have a discussion with you about anything that interests you. WE don’t have to worry about appearances, go out, blow our cash or basically deal with the BS that the “real world” subjects us to. Besides those people are lame anyway…try having an intelligent conversation in public about such things as, well check out the forums right now. Some good some NOT so good but either way you’re running the show. (on your end anyway)
Nice to have ya here at our little dope party. :eek:

hurry Cecil…lock the gate, we’ve got another. That’ll be $15 please, next

I’m currently trying to build an apartment up from the ground floor and literally have nothing in the living room other than this computer, a futon, a bookcase with often read books on it, and a stereo so the internet in general and the SDMB in particular is my main form of entertainment. I also have a job that sometimes allows me to literally spend all day online.

So between them, I have a lot of spare time. Depending on just how interesting I find them on a particular day, I can spend anywhere from two hours to around twelve.

Whenever I’m on the computer I’m on the SDMB, so pretty much all day, everday. This is the only place were I can read intresting things and have conversations with inteligent people. This is also the only place where I’m wooshed.

I am on it as much as I can be. That usually ends up being 30+ hours a week.

A worrying amount of time. I’m beginning to think it will be quite good to get back to work and have to interact with people that actually have bodies. I was telling a friend about this place tonight, and how I start off reading something, and follow a cite, and then another… in the end I was asked what I’d actually learned, and I couldn’t answer, because my head is so full of stuff I couldn’t begin to sort it all out.

What really impresses me about this place is the number of enquiring minds.

About an hour, hour and a half a day. Doesn’t bother me though, as I hardly watch any TV anymore.
The only thing that bothers me is that my SO and I could watch TV together, cocooning on the couch, while SDMB has me typing away alone in my study.
The SO hasn’t complained though, I hope it’s because I now bring such interesting discussions and ideas/book/products into the household.

Over 20 hours a week, by my estimations.

The SDMB is like crack, only cheaper. My wife has gotten used to me starting conversations with “On the Board today…”. I rail about the misguided opinions of people I have never met! Some of them are on different continents! This is not the behavior of a sane man.

I’d say a couple of hours a day, every day of the week. Beats watching TV. :smiley:

Well, let me put it this way – it is a day of perfect gorgeousity here today – and I just came inside for the second time to fire up the computer to check what’s going on in this thread. And while I’m here, let me just look real quick at MPSIMS, IMHO, GQ…


So much time, that I’m considering have a modem wire run directly to my forebrain.
Eliminate the Middleman, so to speak.

Modem schmodem, I’m wired directly into the server. Behind the firewall.
Some days, I will actually have to work, so I just spend prime time on the Dope. usually better than TV. There have been times, though, days off, sick, working in my buddy’s print shop, when I have spent literally the entire day on line, more or less. And let me tellya, if I’m online, the Dope is open in at least one window.

As LobsteretteManx said, there is no escape for you. You are beyond the Event Horizon.

I work 7 days on, 7 days off. On the weeks when I’m working, I read the boards twice usually - once while eating breakfast, once when I get home. I might do a quick runthrough once more before I go to bed, but obviously, that’s quicker, since fewer people will have posted since my last visit.

On my weeks off, I’ll probably go through every few hours, unless by some miracle I’m out doing something.

Time per visit varies between maybe 5 minutes to 30 or so minutes.

Know exactly how you feel smartini; I fell in here by accident, to post a question to these oh-so-innocent-teeming-millions, and the next thing I know, I’m forking over 15 bucks, checking posts morning and night, and looking at the clock going “It’s *WHAT * time already??” I floated on the edge but for a moment before the SD whirlpool formed underneath and inexorably sucked me into its voracious maw. (OK, a bit less florid next time, I promise!) I don’t post a whole lot, but do read endlessly. I’m not really concerned with post counts, etc. as I plan to be around for a bit. They’ll add up in time. I just enjoy the diverse crowd, and the varied subject matter. Enjoy!
Oh, the OP! About 1-1/2 hours/day on work days; more on off days. As mentioned previously, it sure beats the crap outta TV, which between commercials and lame programming, is a goner, IMHO. I watch very little these days. Welcome to the New Frontier, eh?

How much time do I spend on SDMB?

Ummmm…not enough.
It’s the only place I feel at home. Here, and the Happy Hours Home For The Hopelessly Helpless.
Australia was nice, too.

I’d guess about an hour a day. More if I’m sick at home and can’t really do much else…

It’s just a message board people!!!


I spend all day at work on it.

Then I spend all night at home on it.


Heh. I just read your first sentence on that post Lobsang and thought just when I thought I was getting to know what to expect of people…wow, that doesn’t sound like Lobsang!

Yeah. It does. It’s what…about 3AM in UK?