How do you get time to post here? (Poll)

My job involves knocking out SQL reports on a crap database. Some run like absolute slugs and while they run I check out the net including SDMB.

And the $20 a post I get is pretty handy.

I’m a grad student. I don’t have class until noon. :cool:

Pardone moi! No offense meant… :eek:

4.5 years, 3573 posts, not really heavy - only 2 posts/day average…
some people average 10!
Then it depends on how long your posts are, mine tend to be long, other folks are even longer.

I now spend 3-4 hours a day here, and feel I need more to do the board justice.

I’m not that heavy a poster (well, as far as post-count goes, anyway), but the reason I can post as much as I do is I work from home. So, if I’m waiting on someone to get back to me on work I’m doing with them, or I don’t have any work, and I’ve done enough marketing that I’ll have work soon, I don’t feel guilty wasting significant quantities of time by slacking off and reading/posting all day on the SDMB.

It is interesting that the most prolific posters seem to be avoiding this thread.

It is because they don’t want to reveal how they find time to post? (As in, they are stealing the time?)

Or is it because they don’t pay attention to wierd little threads like this?

I’m a guest (thank you very much), and I am unable to search/scan for how many posts/day people make. Can some other intrepid, interested soul do so and and press said prolific posters for their arcane secrets?

I’m serious about this for personal reasons; i.e., I want more time online to post. This is a great board, and unless I can figure out how to get more time here, I won’t be able to re-up!


#2 here, definitely.

Well, according to this post, the ten most prolific posters as of about five months ago were Q.E.D., NoClueBoy, Diogenes the Cynic, Mangetout, Guinastasia, Doomtrain, John Mace, Kalhoun, Liberal, and CandidGamera with Post Per Day averages ranging from 15.28 (Q.E.D. : Joined 01-01-2003) down to 9.08 (Kalhoun : Joined 12-09-2002) and post Counts from 21,386 (Guinastasia : Joined 07-17-2000) down to 3,208 (CandidGamera : Joined 02-27-2004) but that list has probably changed since then since I have an average of 9.87 (Joined 12-01-2002) myself, only 5.41PPD below Q.E.D., our most prolific poster.

I can’t speak for the other ten people mentioned in this thread but I myself don’t see how posting ten times a day is really all that difficult. In MPSIMS, our busiest forum, alone, there were 83 active conversations today and we have 5 other fora that carry similar traffic. Just to be pessimistic though, I’ll cut the other five by over half and assume they only had forty apiece.

That’s almost 300 different discussions to make comments in and if you get heavily involved in just one of them, you can easily use 10 or 15 posts in it over the period of a day, not to mention all the others you might make a post to but don’t follow afterwards.

A high number of posts isn’t all that hard to rack up, especially if you participate in a lot of polls, sharing, and game threads.

Those who tend to write longer posts will have lower counts for the same amount of time. I tend to do a mixture, with some longer posts taking as much time as all of the short ones combined.

I’ll post little ones like this from work, when I have five minutes of breathing time. Long ones I write at home after the work is done.

Thank you very much! As a guest, I can’t search for anything! I’ll try to run into these people and ask them to share, though.

As for posting 10x/day, sure it’s easy, IF you have the time. If I spend two hours on SDMB, the rest of my life suffers: I’m late for where I’m supposed to be, my duties are not done, etc. That’s why I want to know how people do it. I’d like to sign up, but I’m afraid if I do my life will fall apart because of the MAJOR attraction of participating in this board!

A 28-hour day might help… :wink:


Another strong 2 here. As long as the callers’ problems are dealt with, and as long as my work gets done on time, nobody seems to give a rodent’s bunghole what I look at, so long as it’s not porn.

While fitting none of the OP’s categories, I have posted here some. Of late, I’ve slowed down a lot, and I’m less inclined to spend the time researching and/or writing answers to questions that keep coming up. And I can’t visit from work at all, as I’ve too much to do there.

As it is, I’ll continue to drop in, and drop a note where I see fit, during the evenings, as I have. I skim a lot.

Out of curiosity, I did visit another board today, craigslist, and peeked in on their Science forum, which showed 431 posts for the, at the time, previous 29 hours. Of those, 267 were made by 10 posters, including one person who made 111 posts during that period, seemingly one every seven minutes while he or she was awake (I’m bettin’ he). I hope that person never finds this place - they’ll run QED into the ground.

My reason is #2 but I’m working towards #1 :slight_smile:

Right now? I’m a very, VERY poor unemployed college student and have a lot of free time. This week. Some of the jobs I’ve had while attached to the SDMB are much more posting-feasible than others.

Despite that, my posting frequency doesn’t change except for GQ. Do you have any idea of how frustrating it is to come home at 6 p.m. and realize that a question you could have answered at 9 a.m. was answered at 9:10 a.m.??

In each and every other forum I subscribe to l’esprit de l’escalier, as I do in real life. Some are quick and smart, and that is a good thing. I am slow and smart, and often incapable of coming up with an instantly “cute” response, particularly in GD and the Pit. By the time I formulate a response to something I often find that someone else has been quicker to an answer and more eloquent besides, or that after a good night’s sleep ‘n’ think that I no longer care.

What frustrates me most is that I can’t debate the things I’m passionate about. DP threads pop up all the time, as do things like abortion and religion and politics. But I “hold these truths to be self-evident” and can’t debate because the truth is so crystal clear to me that I can’t comprehend people who don’t get it. A lot of people with high post counts click ‘n’ reply to everything that catches their fancy. I click ‘n’ read to everything but don’t post, instead taking my time to formulate a come back. By that time the thread has been hijacked to hell and gone and my post in useless.

I’m tempted to not hit submit, but I’m wondering if I’m the only one like this so I’ll go ahead.

8 - It’s a replacement for TV most nights. When not actually replacing TV, it supplements it. (Lost, ENT)

9 - I read every forum, so there’s often something I run across that I want to comment on.

10 - I’m a Trekker.

I don’t post that much compared to the prolific 10; I average 3.03 per day. However, I’m convinced that I do the same thing in a given session; read all the forums, reply to everything that catches my fancy, and generally spend hours upon hours here. However, I typcially only do an SDMB session a few times a week. Less during football season, especially in the first couple weeks after the new Madden comes out.

I find it helps to keep the MB experience fresh if I let a couple days go by between sessions.

I want to say #2. But it’s not that I have little work to do… it’s more that I post while nothing is going on at the moment. Otherwise, I stop what I’m doing, and work when it’s needed. Damn prioritys always screwing with my SDMB time. :smiley:

Same here - I post when I’m done any homework or studying I may have to do. Actually, I often post instead of working… :slight_smile:

I’m a bit of a lurker, but I have time to do so (and even post once in a while!) because I am a college student with no social life whatsoever.

#2. I read a bunch more than I post, though. I get my work done, and sometimes work encroaches on my SDMB time. I hate it when that happens, but I’ll make up for it later! I don’t get on much at home because my husband is addicted to Ebay.

We all have our little addictions!