Seasonal (Thanksgiving) songs

Music Choice, the commercial free music service, has a channel called “Sounds of the Season”. It plays all year, and aside from Christmas, they manage to find enough “seasons” to last all year.

We were wondering what season we are currently in. Fall? Thanksgiving?

Nope, Christmas already.

But it got me thinking, what could be some good Thanksgiving “season” songs? So I came up with:

O Come All Ye Hungry

Grandma Got Run Over By a UPS Truck

The Gravy Song (Gravy gravy gravy, I made you out of juice)

Rudolph the Red Nosed Wide Receiver

Any others?

We Gather Together (to ask the Lord’s Blessing) is a traditional hymn for Thanksgiving. Another common one is “For the Beauty of The Earth”.

I’m Dreaming of a Black Friday.

“Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother’s house we go…”
I always thought that was a seasonal song.

Alice’s restaurant (Denver at least)

Leafy Wonderland

Vince Guaraldi’s “Thanksgiving Theme” as featured in A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

everywhere there are baby boomers.

While we’re on the subject of the Peanuts gang and Thanksgiving…

(The song’s an old hymn that’s suitable for Thanksgiving called “Come, Ye Thankful People, Come.”)

“Have a Hello Jello Side-dish”

It was originally a Thanksgiving poem, first published in 1844, called "The New-England Boy’s Song about Thanksgiving Day.” It was eventually set to music by an unknown composer.

No idea why or when it was swiped by Christmas.

Adam Sandler wrote a Thanksgiving turkey song. It’s silly.

Have Yourself a Mess of Little Cranberries.

Jingle Bells.

God Rest Ye Merry Tryptophan
Do They Know It’s Green Bean Salad?
Football Time Is Here

Does anyone know any good pumpkin carols?

Also in the “originally Thanksgiving, swiped by Christmas” category: Jingle Bells.

But please don’t bring it here.
I think that it’s yucky
Disgusting and sucky
And you bring it every year.

Have a Hello Jello Side-Dish
And when you walk in the door.
It makes me cringe.
You’re the lunatic fringe.
Please don’t bring it any more.

Hello Jello Side-Dish
Makes me want to barf.
Nobody chokes it down.
You do it for a laugh.

Have a Hello Jello Side-Dish
And it case you didn’t hear.
Oh, go to Hell, Jell
With your Hello Jello Side-Dish this year.

Oh Pumpkin Pie, We need some whipping Cream


Thank you. It’s about all the people that bring Jello side dishes that nobody wants to see or (especially) eat.

Stop Doing It!