Seat rage in planes.

Do u get pissed off when the person in front of u puts there chair back after seatbelt light goes off in a plane, It turns me into the Incredible Hulk, I hate it, does it annoy u,

It would work if everyone would recline at the same time, and sit up at the same time.

It annoys the living crap out of me, particularly because it forces me to recline my own, which makes it uncomfortable for me to read or watch the video.

But I am glad that someone else seems to have this problem. Whenever the sociopath in front of me reclines his/her seat the moment the seatbelt sign goes off I look around me and almost without fail there is no one else with a seat reclined. It’s like I attract these people. No one else, just the seat in front of mine.

Perhaps **Caneknife **should try to be on the same flights as me. I can guarantee I will attract the seat-reclining-juju…

I don’t know, the seats are made to recline and one’s blood pressure rises with impotent anger. It can be like, Oh Well. :slight_smile:

Nearly every flight I go on I attract the seat recliner in front of me, my wife’s thinks it’s funny, had a 12 hour flight once, the second the seatbelt light went off, back goes the seat in front, couple of knees in chair and he got the idea quick smart to push seat back up , ������������������������

It’s annoying but I don’t really care. My point of view is that when you buy your seat, included is the small recline space behind the seat. That space behind the seat is owned by the person reclining, not the person siting in the seat behind. Having said that, I don’t recline my seat unless the seat behind is empty.

This is just passive aggressive BS, if you want the seat moved, then ask the person to move it, if you don’t have the balls to do that then live with it. If you want a seat with more leg room, you are free to buy a business class seat.

I’m 6’ 4" tall. My knees are invariably touching the seat in front of me as it is. If you are going to recline your seat (and why wouldn’t you, dear theoretical-person-sitting-in-front-of-me? They are made to recline after all), then might I make a polite request that you give me a quick heads-up so that I can prepare myself please?

Also, dear theoretical-person-sitting-behind-me, when you get up from your seat and use my seat as a way of levering youself up, could you please not let go of my seat so suddenly so that I’m trebucheted into row A?

These are polite requests. We’re all in a shitty situation, so let’s be excellent to each other.

I’d pay a little extra to be in a no-recline section. It’s ridiculous how cramped it gets with person in front of you fully reclined.

I don’t fly often, but I attract the recliners too. Every time. I’ve made a conscious decision to learn to live with it (but then, I’m not all that tall).

Do you folks know about the Knee Defender?

This one annoys me. It’s actually pretty easy to stand up without using the seat in front of you.

Or if not at the same time, maybe as a wave or else patterned like synchronized dancers?

Oh, we’ve HAD that discussion.

If you knew the seat in front reclined when you bought your ticket, then you need to suck it up.

Want more room? Buy a first class ticket. Take a train or bus or drive. These are your choices, pick one!

And really? Someone steadying themselves in a flying cylinder is just too much to bear? Maybe you should stay in your house if you’re so delicate. “He touched my seat! He touched my seat!” Oh, please!

Maybe you should just grow up.

I’m 6’6" and I can’t simply suck it up since there’s no room to do so. First class tickets are ridiculously expensive and land-based travel methods aren’t an option. I think I’ll just keep on asking the person in front of me not to recline their seat rather than quit travelling, though. :rolleyes:

I presume this is directed at me?

I never said it was too much to bear. Nor did I use the phrase “He touched my seat!”

I just asked that if you are going to use my seat as a lever to get up (not steady yourself), that you try not to ping me around too much if you can help it.

In my opinion, if you recline your seat you’re an asshole. Also, if you bring an oversized carry-on and then take up 3/4 of a bin that is meant to serve 6 people, you’re an asshole.

I do want more room, and I can easily afford a first class ticket. My clients, who I regularly travel with, have their tickets bought for them by their company, who have an embargo on first class travel. I’m not going to swan around in first class while they’re in economy.

I might reconsider that if you were my client though.

It doesn’t bother me nearly as much as people who use “u” rather than “you”.

I’ve heard these complaints about people who recline their airline seats and I just don’t get it. I fly a couple of times each year and I’ve paid attention to what happens when someone reclines.

In coach class, where I usually fly, the top of the seatback moves by maybe four inches, while the part closer to the seat doesn’t move at all. So the seatback interferes only very slightly with the person behind the recliner, while there’s no apparent interference with the meal tray or knee space of the person in behind. It’s not as if you, the person behind the recliner, suddenly has him or her in your lap.