Seattle Dopers: Defenestrated table today?

Today a window was broken at the YWCA Opportunity Place on 3rd and Lenora. This building has glass roofs over the entrances, and the one over the Subway entrance on Lenora had glass debris, a table, and a chair on it.

Anyone know what happened?

Twitter says it was a crazy lady throwing all of her stuff out onto the street. Here’s the search:!/search/3rd%20lenora

6 May? This happened Friday night and it was still there today? Well… ‘Never put off until tomorrow, what you can do the day after tomorrow.’

Yeah, the women who stay there do tend to have mental issues.

Yeah, I just noticed the date discrepancy myself. That’s…a long time, to just leave a table hanging out on your restaurant awning. What, nobody wanted a free table?

Maybe Seattle people are more honest than L.A. people.

ETA: There’s a pic.


One lane of northbound I-5 near Tacoma was blocked by a mattress on the road during my afternoon commute yesterday.

There is no evidence that the mattress and the table are connected, so I am forced to assume that they are.