Seattle Pub Trivia 2009: The Undiscovered Country

It’s a new year, and time we had a new Seattle Pub Trivia thread. Here’s a link to The 2008 Thread.

This is for those that want to participate in the SDMB member’s weekly attempt to show we’re smarter than the average beer drinker. Most often, we compete on Tuesday nights at The Old Pequliar in Ballard, though occasionally we subject some other venue to our patronage.

If you want to join in, post here and you’ll be welcome to join our team or teams. We’ll even let you bring along non-dopers, if you want.

Who’s playing tonight? I’ll be there.

I’ll be there.

I, too, 'll be there.

I have much in the way of Dead Language homework, and two quizzes this week. We’re a maybe.


I’m planning on it.

I’ll be AWOL this week. Maybe you can name the team in honor of the event I’ll be attending.

I might swing by late, but probably not. Much like Favre, you shouldn’t plan on me being there.

Reminder (or FYI, if you haven’t heard): The OP isn’t doing trivia this week. They’re having an Obama inaugural party instead.

I’m not available this week, myself, but I you might want to consider other venues if other people are in the mood.

Personally, I think a bye week would be welcome. However, if the team wants to play somewhere, I’ll try to make it.

It’s Tuesday. That means Dawn’s in trouble, and there’s trivia at the OP.

Pleading exhaustion (yes, already, at 8:10am) I must beg off this week.

I’ll be there.

I think that’s affirming the consequent. And I hope they won’t ask about fallacies, because I never remember what’s what.

nonetheless, I’ll be there to say “I know I’ve heard that somewhere” frequently.

Looking forward to it.

Don’t let me forget, I have a book for you.

I will see how I feel after a long day of slicing bovine eyeballs.

I’m in.

Alas, I am, as the French say, a non.

Been in Andalusia, have you?