Seattle Pub Trivia 2009: The Undiscovered Country

My boyfriend tried to play that clip for me last night. I can refuse to watch things!

Thank Og we didn’t have to slice the cornea.

Hi! Anyone in tonight? I’ll go if you do.

I plan to show, but I’ll have to call myself a bit of a ‘maybe.’ There’s a possibility that I’ll have to work.

I’m in, but I won’t actually be of assistance this evening. What with hosting.

I’ll be there. And I will be of great assistance. What with cheating.


I’ll be there, but I make no promises as to my level of assistance.

I shall assist by not showing up. (Hebrew quiz in the morning.)

I’ll be there, but very possibly late.

Second week of February!

I’ll be there. Anyone else?

I’ll be there.

I should be somewhere nearby. Perhaps even across the table from some of you.

I injured myself over the weekend and have been directed by the medical authority person to walk as little as possible. I’m out this week.

(Nothing life-threatening. I’ll be there next week. Just taking it easy for the moment.)

I’m planning to be there.

As of this time of the morning, I’m a solid maybe with shades of probably, provided I get a certain amount of work done. Haven’t discussed it with the guy yet.

Reminder for people attending: Aaron’s hosting, which means round 1 is current events, which means a quick perusal of USA Today’s news today is probably a good idea.

Depends on the weather. If it stays the way it is now, I’ll be there.
If it starts to get colder or starts snowing again, I may not.


Me. Probably.

You. Cheetah.

I’m a probably, too.

If you’d been there last week, you’d have seen my team come in seventh place. So, you are not only calling me a ‘cheetah,’ but saying I’m no good at ‘cheeting.’ And you spell with a horrible accent. I am offended.