Seattle Pub Trivia 2013: One Quiz Leads to Another

Placeholder thread for the regular gang of misfits playing pub quiz in Seattle.

However, we need not be such a regular gang! We like new people! If you would like to join us, please do. We almost always go to the quiz at the Old Pequliar in Ballard.

January 8

I’m hosting tonight, and it’s all about 2012 in review. As usual. My wife will be attending as well.

Who else?

I was planning to come until I woke up this morning with what I hope and pray is just a 24-hour bug. Sorry…

I’m planning to be there tonight, and so is Cervaise.

I really don’t want to miss it, but there’s something else I want to not miss just a tiny bit more. Have a good time, everyone.

Jason Hosts!! Requested Rounds on “Music of the 1950s” and “Golf”. The link also includes audio round hints.

I plan on being there.

I’m in, and joined by a friend.

I’ll be there, possibly with an imaginary friend, depending on my ability to cultivate madness in the next 5 hours.

I will probably be there. May get there about 7:30, though.

I plan to be there.

From the Facebook post: Brook and Becky Host! Requested round is on “Saved by the Bell”. And here is an audio round hint:

The link is to Biz Markie - Just a Friend. I have never heard of the song or the artist, and it gives me no useful insight into what we’ll be listening to this evening.

I will be there.

I’m probably out.

I’m planning to be there, possibly with baked goods. Cervaise says he’s planning to be there, too.

I’m in tambien.

February 5

Tonight: The Raging Fuckers of Everything take a break from fucking everything and host the quiz.

Requested round topic: Teen Sex Comedies of the '80s. I’ve rewatched my Blu-ray of Private School … for Girls, but if anyone can catch up on Screwballs, that’d be great.

Audio round hint: “Signs,” by the Five Man Electrical Band. (Prediction: Five-letter song titles.)

I’m in. Cervaise will be there. Who else is bringing the brains?

Maybe. I’ll be there if I can get this other thing done in time.

I’m in. My youth spent in the 80s will be a huge asset for the Screwball comedies, I’m sure.

I’ll bring that thing I keep on top of my neck. It may or may not contain brains.

Sorry for the late check-in, but I’m planning to be there tonight!

February 12

Kalen and Ed are hosting – I can’t remember if they’ve hosted before or not.

I don’t remember the requested round topic, but the audio hint is “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” covered by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes.

I should be there, but probably not very early, because I’ll have to leave from home.

Anyone else?