SecDef to Military: BOHICA!!!!

(Bend Over, Here It Comes Again!)

Today I thought I’d post something that’s near and dear to my heart, Military benefits. The Current Administration is continueing the process of grinding away the support of the (smart)servicepeople for the next election.
This time?

Shutting down Commissaries and Stateside Schools.

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Yep, I’m definately going to have to consider Democrat in '04, something I once thought I would never do.

Wesley Clark: He Can’t Possibly Be Worse.

Were not those same stateside schools in a recent 60 Minutes report, that showed those schools to be what regular public schools are not? Being fully funded and with other benefits, kids do better: who knew!

I smell a move to shut down a “bad” example here!

It isn’t about Democrats anymore, it’s about anyone but the moron.

Is Cthulhu running next year?

Cthulhu/Nyarlahotep 2004: Not All That Much Worse Than Bush, When You Think About It.

You sure said it for me with this.

Why does the Navy hate America so much :rolleyes:

Georgie Tirebiter!

He’s Not Insane!
reference intelligible only to those persons who share my depraved taste for the Firesign Theater


I agree with voting for someone other than Bush for President, but we’re not sure that a rational democrat (eg, one who isn’t going to slit the DoD’s jugular budget vein) is going to be their candidate. If say, Al Sharpton were named their candidate, would you still go that way?

Frankly, I’d vote for a illiterate chimpanzee with brain damage.

Oh wait…that’s the one already in the White House.

I’d love to have a “Wesley Clark: He Can’t Possibly Worse” bumpersticker like in Sofa King’s post, but somehow I’m thinking it wouldn’t go over all that well here in Dallas, Texas.

I believe in trying to balance my daily posting, so I have one thing to say to Rumsfeld:


If you think it is not the job of the DoD to run hospitals, or stores in remote locations, you are not qualified to do your job.
A certain US Congressman from the Midwest is rolling in his grave about now at your apparent callous disregard for the actual soldiers that fight the wars.

Support our troops and veterans: the forseeable and inevitable results of any military deployment, even to Tampa. Finding someone to underdeploy troops to Iraq should be easy.

I’m hoping for the Voorhees/Krueger ticket.

Ozzy/Lemmy 2004!
[sub]We’re wasted and irresponsible too, but we’re not lying about it.[/sub]

I am a Navy veteran, 1993-1998. I got out in part because the pay and benefits weren’t up to par, and they’ve not improved much, this is true.

We need to radically rethink pay, retirement, medical care and educaton benefits for our service members. The systems we have in place now don’t work. They haven’t worked in a long time, and they now have gone past merely not contributing to the fighting force and is now hindering it.


If you think it is the job of the Defense Department to run a store, you are sadly mistaken. The job of the Defense Department is…

wait, let me look it up in my Britannica here…

…oh, right. Defense.

Why in the world, with all the DoD has to do, must it be a fucking greengrocer on top of everything else?

How about we try a novel, two-pronged approach when it comes to the sacred military exchanges and commissaries.

Boost military pay, and have members buy their groceries at Safeway (which many mmbers use anyway, commissary quality being notoriously variable), and contract out retail operations in remote locations.

Bingo, problem solved, and probably at a cost savings.

The same goes for retirement, which right now only goes to a service member who sticks it out for twenty years or more, which most don’t do. Why can’t members make 401(k) contributions during their length of service, whatever that is?

I’m not happy about the way service members are treated, but this disregard for their well being is long standing, and predates Bush-Rumsfeld by about forty years or more. Let’s get serious about their well being, and maybe talented sailors like me will stay in.

For you Americans, there is always the possibility to vote for GWB’s look-alike.