Secession in the United States! April 23, 1982

After listening to some Jimmy Buffett on my laptop, and simultaneously bringing up the Wikipedia main page, I saw a hilarious coincidence. It seems 24 years ago today, there was a secession in the United States. The Conch Republic

I lift a salt-rimmed margarita in toast, to those Bermuda short wearin’ patriots. :smiley:

One man’s freedom fighter is another’s beach bum.

That is so cool. I love how they attacked the Army with water cannons and stale Cuban bread. I’ve vowed to stay out of the South for the rest of my life if I can manage it, but I’ll have to make an exception for the Conch Republic.

And, er, the conch pictured on their website has a striking resemblance to another familiar, uh, animal. :smiley:

Whoa! They’ve got a website?!? Man, I’m not getting any work done today.

Work makes me want to defect. :smack:

Errrr…why, exactly?

The weather, the people*, the humidity, the weather, the heat, the weather, the people, the weather, and the humidity, and did I mention the humidity? And the people too. And the HUMIDITY!

  • Don’t get me wrong. I hate people here too, and I’m going to get out of the state in a couple of semesters if it’s financially feasible.

Moving dangerously into GQ territory here, but the Conch Republic does not appear as a nation in the CIA world Fact Book. What gives?

I gotta tell ya that people are pretty much the same wherever you go—you will find some you like, some you hate, and a bunch that you are indifferent to. So, where are you planning on going?

Reminds me that Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket tried to secede from Massachusetts in 1977.

The Wikipedia article notes that it’s unrecognized. The United States exercises full control over the republic and it doesn’t seem seriously contested.

Arizona. I’ve lived in the same town and gone to the same school before (very recently), and there were surely as many people there I didn’t like as here–and as many I did like–but it’s different. The specifics would take up a whole 'nother thread.

No offense to Southerners intended by the “the people” comment. Again, of the Southerners I’ve known just as many were likeable people, but I just don’t jibe with the culture, the dialect, etc. Not my thing, even though the people are as a whole nice enough. I should’ve said “the culture” instead of “the people” in that post, now that I think about it.

My father-in-law lives in the Florida Keys. While visiting us on the west coast, he showed me his “official” passport from the Conch Republic. It certainly looked real and was stamped once by a customs official in a European country while he was traveling. I forget which country.

Interesting story anyway.

Maybe Finland or France, where the Republic has embassies.