Second Coming

Sorry no, it’s not really but you would think so the way the upper management have hailed a new rep in our dept.

Has that ever happened to you where you work? Someone new is brought in whose qualifications you’re not too sure of but who has been christened the new golden child of the department; one that will drag the sorry dead horse out of its stupor and revive it with fresh innovative production exploding techniques? Good thing/Bad thing… the facade cannot last too long, but it’s a women, thereby jinxing any other females from ever being taken seriously in our department again.

And when I have pondered this, I honestly asked myself if there is some resentment harbored- yet she is a subordinate- which then leads me to shrug it off as my drugs have kicked in and I’m off on another rant.

damn this thread does stink

Jesus is coming. Look busy. Sweep the aisles.