See if you can out-smart DRY!

So, I was on the phone with DRY and he asked for my middle name.

I hate my middle name. A lot. Detest. Dispise. Can not stand.

And I’m a tease, so I gave him the following hints:

~it starts with E (this is actually easy to find)
~its short
~it can be either a girl’s or a guy’s name, pronounced the same way, spelled differently
~it is not a palindrome (I could never hate a name that was a palindrome, they’re just naturally cool.)

He failed to guess my middle name over the course of a three hour phone call and wants to know how the Teeming Millions stack up. So that’s the challenge. (For those of you with actual knowledge, please keep your mouths shut…unless you get bribed and then I want a cut.)

I’ll be giving the correct answer tonight sometime…within 20 hours or so.



Oh, and while we’re at it, this weekend, our lovely Kathryn E. Everett went over the 1000 post mark.

In a rare show of respect for authority, she decided to not start her own post party thread (or rather, asked me not to do it, because I knew she wanted one).

That, however, doesn’t mean that while you’re guessing, you can’t congratulate her. So please do.

[sub]You can also teach her the correct spelling of “despise”[/sub]

Kathryn, I love you, honey. Congrats on the 1000 posts!

I’ll give you all a hint about her name. It ISN’T “Evil”.
[sub]As appropriate as that would be.[/sub]

I’ll have to agree and say Erin.

Ethel. Short, starts with an E, non-palindrome, and there is a Welsh male name, Ithel, which sounds the same.

Of course, Erin is probably more sensible, but it seems less likely to be hated. Maybe that’s just me.

Out of strange unwillingness to give a cut of any earnings out, I shall keep silent :wink:

my first thought was, as those before my have listed, erin

… as I thought about it more, I could not come up with anything else … so I am going to vote Erin as my final answer.

Endeavour. :wink:

Evelyn? Some British men have that as a name. I pity them.

I did notice last night, but forgot to mention it as we were talking about more important things.

After a few minutes, Edie came to mind. You know, like Idi Amin for a boy?

Could be worse. You could have my middle name. I think I’d rather just have the letter, like Truman’s “S”.

Can’t be Erin, she said it is spelled differently for men and women.

Eunis / Eunice?

AHunter: Erin/Aaron. :smiley:

Erin’s where my money’s at, too.


Nope, I gotta go with the Erin/Aaron guess.

No, no it’s Pin Ball Sit E! Pinball City!
How about Eunuch?

Emanuelle/Emanuel would fit as well (except that it’s not very short).

Whenever I’ve heard them pronounced, Erin is pronounced Err-in and Aaron is pronounced A-run. At least as different as Ellen and Allan.

Medea- congrats on the 1K mark- and certain grumpy Mods can go stuff it. PostCount parties are an important part of what makes this a community, rather than just another message board. So there. :stuck_out_tongue:

My guess is Fred.

Erin it is.

(See Dan, just for you I’m posting my hated middle name on a public message board. You owe me.)

Aaron is said the same…or at least was by my friend of that name in elementary school.

I have nothing against the name as is…I just can’t seem to get it to fit with my self image. (I keep seeing it attatched to heroin chic brunettes with snub noses, and that’s not me.) Edie would be better.

Thanks for the congrats on my 1K Daniel and DRY. (I carefully didn’t have a post party until 1K because anything less than three zeros looked so trivial to me and then, days before, mods crack down. Sigh. Guess everyone just gets to miss out on the dancers and stuff I hired…)

Damn . . . I got to this thread too late. Kathryn told me her middle name a while ago. Don’t remember if it was over the phone or in email, though I can certainly peruse my collection (which will be sold for gobs of money when she becomes rich(er) and famous(er than she is now)).

And congrats on 1K:) Here’s hoping you get as far as I have (36XX posts, I think).

Erin is a pretty cool name, for what it’s worth. Ireland, you know. (BTW, what does Erin Go Braugh mean?)

It sure beats the hell out of Kathleen Mary Brenda. (Brenda being my confirmation name.) I mean, how Irish Catholic can you get?