"See" (with Jason Mamoa) on Apple tv is pretty good if you can get past the first two or three episodes

Premise: In the distant future, all humans are blind. Except for a couple of kids (Jason’s kids). Now Jason has to fight to protect them from the others as the are sure anyone who can see is a witch.

Episode one, about 10 minutes in, I’m ready to turn this thing off because it just seems so lame. But then I thought: “Jason’s at the top of his game. He wouldn’t have agreed to do this series if it was crap”. So I stuck with it.

TBH, the battle scenes tend to take me out a bit because they are just so ridiculous (That said, Jason’s character does have some cool moves). But the drama is spot on in my opinion.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share. If you intend to give this series a go, I strongly recommend you give it at least three episodes.