Seeing red with Firefox 2.0

This just started a couple days ago at approximately the time Firefox automatically downloaded its latest update. The version I have right now is

Most of the ad images are being replaced by solid red blocks. It doesn’t happen with regular web image files, but images that link to pages being advertised or even to nonprofit organizations. It’s even happening to the SDMB pages now–there is a band of red under the Straight Dope logo, hiding those new banner ads. What could explain this sudden red shift?

What extensions, if any, do you have installed?

Do you have some sort of ad-blocker extension installed? Perhaps one conflicts with the new version. I use Adblock Plus which is working fine with

I’ve had Adblock installed ever since we first got the Google ads here.

Yes, well, a lot of people are seeing red as a result of the banner ads! But you’re the first one I’ve heard it of in a literal sense.

I’m also running Firefox and AdBlock, and I have a white space where the banner ad should be. No red, except the russet that the FIGHTING IGNORANCE SINCE 1973 graphic is laid over.

Maybe try uninstalling the extension and reinstalling it? If not, why not try Adblock Plus? It’s working for me - I don’t even see any hint that there ever was a banner.

Could it be that you need to reinstall the Shockwave Flash plugin?

Assuming that the missing images ARE flash!

CMC +fnord!
I’d tell you where to look to but I’m still running 1.5!
BTW any problems with the upgrade?

I have Firefox with AdBlock Plus, and it looks fine, except the SDMB blue banner which used to show the Straight Dope logo is now just a plain blue band. Everythign else looks the same as it used to. Under the blue banner is a thinner read band with the motto “Fighting Ignorance…” same as it always was.

It might not be Firefox.

I’ve had the same red boxes since installing a new security package that included an ad-blocker, and investigation showed it was definitely the source. Have you installed/upgraded an external ad-block program recently?

I recently installed Verizon Internet Security Suite. I upgraded my connection to Verizon Fios this year and when my free security software ran out, I bought the Verizon package. It was cheap. I wondered if that is doing it. What do you think caused it for you?

I hate to blame Firefox, because I strongly prefer it in general, and shun IE–but face it, some applications just will not function with Firefox, which forces me to open up IE temporarily.

I think Adblock has been pretty much replaced by Adblock plus. Development & maintenance seems to have ended for Adblock; it hasn’t had a new version since mid-2006, while the latest Adblock plus version came out just 5 weeks ago. I’d suggest looking into Adblock plus.

Also, for your problem with sites that only work with IE, look into the IE Tab addon. This allows you to open a tab within Firefox for that site that actually runs IE. And it can remember that, so the next time you go to that website, it will automatically open in an IE tab.
P.S. But a website that works only with IE has to have something really valuable and unique on it to make me stay there. Usually I just go elsewhere – there are generally plenty of other sites selling the same things that want my business.

The ISP (Sympatico) security suite was it for me. The ad blocker (which in this suite is listed under the pop-up blocker, although the other way around strikes me as more intuitive) replaces any ads with a red field. I eventually had to turn it off, because it blocked anything with a url containing the string ‘ad/’, which was borking Wikipedia’s images. (And it doesn’t allow exceptions.)

Verizon’s set-up looks very similar to Bell’s, in general, so I wouldn’t be surprised if their security suites were similar (or identical). I’d definitely look at it, if you haven’t already.