Seemingly important things which never made the news

Ever witness something which definitely seemed very newsworthy-only to never see any story on it on TV or in the newspapers the next day?

Only thing which strikes me is from my childhood (was about 8-c.1970)-drove by a wrecked airliner-707?-just sitting out in the middle of the airport (may have been LaGuardia or JFK-can’t remember) amongst the taxiways-to this day I clearly remember the “AA” logo and how the fuselage was broken in two places (so that it looked like an undulating eel in a vertical sense). Years later I tried to find information about that wreck, but came up empty, so I dunno if it ever was reported in the news (tho you’d think it must have been).

Hmm maybe we did this one about a year ago?

If not, nobody ever saw something newsworthy, only to get zilch in terms of information from the media about it afterwards?

I see things every couple of months I wish I could read about. Like burned out car hulk, unattended, on the freeway median, or just firetrucks hosing off a spill of some material.
A few times I’ve seen multi-acre fires in the far hills that weren’t on the news.

Also, closer to home, squad cars surrounding an ambulance and knot of onlookers.
Was it an accident? A shooting? A bank robbery? Just someone having their daily treatable seizure?

I wish there was a single place to look up all this stuff. My town’s police blotter web page only lists these things as a count for the month, 3 banks, 5 accidents, etc.

I can’t believe the entire U.S. news media is barely covering the South Korean Hostage Crisis in Afghanistan.

It’s the news story of the year to me.

Hostage Crisis