Seinfeld: who was Lloyd in the "Serenity Now!" episode?

Just caught the “Serenity Now!” episode, where George’s dad forces George to sell computers out of his garage, competing with Lloyd - the nice boy from the neighbourhood (except for his little mental health issues: “Serenity now - insanity later”).

Who played Lloyd? I know I should know, but just can’t place him.

I think Lloyd Braun was played by Matt McCoy, who you may remember from such films as Police Academy 5 and 6, and he had a small part as the TV star in L.A. Confidential.

Matt McCoy filmography at IMDB
Quite an eclectic collection of roles in there. (Also, the subject lines from his IMDB discussion board shows… considerable disagreement as to his acting talent. :wink: )

Wasn’t he also the 1/4 Betazoid guy in the one Star Trek NG episode who had a little fling with Troi?


Indeed. When I read the thread title, my first thought was “Devinoni Rai! hmm, I ewonder what his real name is.”


Except in my head, I had better spelling.

–Cliffy, again

I always remember him from the sitcom “We Got It Made” that had the two brothers who lusted after their hot maid.