Sela Ward

I think Sela Ward is a beautiful woman, but does the way she moves in those Sprint commercials annoy anyone else but me? Do you know the ones I’m talking about? The way she moves her arms when she sails by on a scooter in a big, empty, loft apartment, or leans into a turn while riding a bicycle in the same commercial? Am I crazy to be wondering about such things, when GB is in the White House (You did say “tiny” though)?

Nope, don’t see any particular wierdness about the way she moves her arms. Only thing that struck me is that Sela’s gotten a might slimmer these last few years and now she seems sort of gaunt looking to me.

I think someone needs to take that woman out to some good meals. Anyone besides me wanna volunteer?


I don’t think I’d even notice. Sela is, in my eyes, such a hot ticket that I probably wouldn’t care. She just about exactly my age and she looks better than ever.

Those commericals she’s in for Sprint are all a little bizarre though. Gotta hit the ‘mute’ button and just enjoy the view.


Ahh Sela…

That’s all I have to add to this thread. :wink:

You know a womans is a keeper when you can’t decide if you’d rather talk to her for three hours or have her sit on your face and tell you that she loves you. That’s how I feel about Sela Ward.

I used to enjoy seeing Sela Ward in those Sprint commercials, until she did that one where she says, “Image your home with less walls.”

That’s fewer walls, bitch!

Whoa! Someone needs an anger-management seminar! :smiley:

Ooooh Sela. How could anything she does ever irritate anyone? I hope her show, Once & Again, never gets cancelled.

Lizard, I think this should be your new sig!

All I know is if I see the commercial where she’s in the empty house one more time, I’m going to launch my boot at the TV. The way she says “Hello?” irritates the hell out of me, although I’ll admit I’m not 100% sure why.

All I know is I have a recurring and delightful sexual fantasy about Sela hanging from those ‘Mission:Impossible’ wires and wearing the black leather.