Fuck You Calista Flockhart. Your NOT Pretty.

Your so goddamn ugly and annoying on your shitty show/hour-long-gap-commercial. Do people actually find this bitch attractive? She looks like a lizard.

Just had to say that. Thanks for your time.

Just have to ask, her NOT Pretty what? Likewise, doesn’t the sentence “Your so goddamn ugly and annoying on your shitty show/hour-long-gap-commercial.” need a verb? What does her so goddamn ugly do?

Oh god… well, it makes me laugh. Ok, sorry. On with the thread!


Well, I think she’s kinda nasty too, but maybe some people like that look.

Fuck Verbs. I dont need verbs, nouns, or any of your special “lingo” to say that the lizard lady is “Nasty as She Wants to Be”. Im serious. Her face looks like a fucking gecko.

btw…I was kidding about the “lingo”. :wink:

I thought she was really cute in the first season, but not so much anymore. I wouldn’t kick her out of bed, but she’s nothing special.

When I wasnt married, there was very little that I would kick out of bed. Hell, Id of done Calista the Gecko. But Ive done some nasty beeches in my day too. No lizards though.

She’s cute.

She could use a sandwich. Maybe some twinkies. You’d think they’d pay her enough to buy food. Hit show and all.
But ugly, she is not.

Go Philip.

I don’t even know her and already I don’t like her. :smiley:

Hey, now. Some of her early work was excellent. For example, she was fantastic in Jason and the Argonauts.

Ok now, where are the skinny people on the board? I want to see some SERIOUS flaming going on like during the “Are fat people ugly, well yes” thread.

Plato? Aristotle? Socrates? Morons!
~No one is allowed to be so proud, they never reach out when they’re giving up… -Better Than Ezra

I don’t understand … does the commercial feature Calista Flockhart sitting there saying “I am pretty. So pretty. So very pretty”? Otherwise, I don’t see how it’s Calista Flockhart’s fault that some people find her attractive.

I can see how some people may find her attractive. Some people of the world like to look at other people poop on each other and then snack on it. Some people like to have relations with animals.

Im sure someone in the world wants to do a giant gecko too.

Then you have a problem with “some people” and not Calista Flockhart.

No, I have no problem with “some people” wanting to look at poop and wipe it on their lovers. I have a problem with Calista Flockhart being ugly as a bloody hemmoroid. She is not pleasant to look at. My favorite station is Fox and I have to see her ugly ass every fifth commercial in some form. Also, I never said anything about her skinny ugly ass. Just her ugly gecko ass.

Why are you getting so defensive? Do you look like Calista? I hope not, because then you’d be ugly too.

Actually no. I don’t look like Calista. Even if I did, I wouldn’t give two shits what some duckbag over the internet thought I looked like.

I’m not being defensive - you’re being a twat.

Hey, you are what you eat right? (Couldnt resist)

Anyway, you dont care what some duckbag over the internet thinks you look like but you care what I think about a millionare superstar looks like?

Shes nasty. Its ok. The world has many nasty looking people. She just happens to pop up on my tv screen ever five minutes.

She’s cute.
Needs to put on at least 15kg but she’s definitely cute. An interesting and expressive face. Certainly attractive enough to make me look twice if I passed her on the street.

What should I do about it? Watch CBS? LOL!

Shoulda proofread my last post.


( I still want to see people getting pissed off like they did about the “fat people” thread…Discrimination!)

Plato? Aristotle? Socrates? Morons!
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The difference is Phlip hasn’t said he finds all of group x ugly. He just finds this one anorexic, duck-faced brunette ugly. That’s not bigotry it’s an appraisal and one he has a right to (even though he is wrong).