Dear Natalie Maines,

I think your band makes good music.

I think you sing well.

I don’t care what you say on stage. I was once in a terrible garage band and I said the most ridiculous things on stage.

However. . .

I once asked a girl who was the celebrity she thought she most resembled.

She said “The ugly Dixie Chick.”

I knew who she was talking about.

(I didn’t say it, she did. Don’t hate on me!)

“Long time gone!!!”

I think she’s cute. And all three are naked on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. Yum!

Wow. Shallow much?

My. brain. fell. out. of. skull.

I guess she was!

I am shocked. Yay, shocked say I!

As has been implied, they looked fine on the cover of this week’s Entertainment Weekly. :cool:

I love your skit on Crank Yankers.

Is she the one that ususally sports anus lips?

If so, I think she’s pretty, but I hate her makeup style.

Is she the one that ususally sports anus lips?

If so, I think she’s pretty, but I hate her makeup style.


I hate to get into this, but all three of them look extrodinarily beautiful to me.

All three of them have different kinds of beauty.

All three are very beautiful. IMHO.

They also make beautiful music.


I think she’s cute. She doesn’t have that “cookie cutter” look that most female celebrities have. The other 2 are okay, but I get them mixed up. They’re bordering on cookie cutter.

I agree with Scotticher. I usually hear Natalie called “the fat one.” I think this is horrible, especially as she has never been fat in the entire time she’s been a celebrity. Whether she was fat when she was in high school, or in college, or whenever, I have no idea about that. But she’s built differently from the sisters who are her bandmates, and because they are willowy and she is not she gets called “the fat one.”

Ok, she was fat while she was pregnant, but so was the other one! (I forget whether it was Martie or Emily.)

Martie’s my favorite, Nat’s my second-favorite. Emily has her hair brown sometimes (I think she’s naturally a brunette, actually) and I think she’s the least attractive of the three - but even then she’s beautiful. (And she’s hitched to Charlie Robison. Go her!)

FAT? People say she is FAT?

I formally, quite publicly and forever, give up.

:::double take:::

:::triple take:::

I think Emmy is far and away the prettiest of the three. She’s also head and shoulders the most intelligent (I saw them all on a celebrity version of Jeopardy. Marti was dumb as a plank, but Natalie was embarrassingly stupid.)

I just hope they don’t short-circuit their careers by talking too much. I mean, I’ll still listen to their music, but if enough country fans tune them out, there might not be enough of a market to keep them going.

Dear Bruce Daddy,

I think you are a sexist AssHat.

And your garage band sucked.
/Pie Nazi/
No Pie For You!!!

/Pie Nazi/

Emily is very smart. Also shy. And pretty. It’s just that my personal taste is towards a physical type different from hers.

Let me see if I have this correct:

The Dixie Chick’s response to being called “unpatriotic” and “unAmerican” was to pose nude on the cover of Entertainment Weekly?


[engage male hormones]

Ya know, Sandra Bullock isn’t all that patriotic. Nor Cathy Ireland. How about that Riese Witherspoon? Oh yeah, a down right commie! Kirsten Dunst? Pinko. Angelina Jolie? Down-right unAMERICAN I tell you!

[/engage male hormones]

I don’t normally like to look at these sorts of things but I did want to intelligently reply to this topic with all of the relevant facts. No need to thank me, I feel that it’s my duty as a member of the community. So, I just looked at the picture and I can’t for the life of me tell you which one of these ladys would be considered the “ugly one.” They are all attractive women and not a one of them is overweight. I don’t know which one is Natalie either. Could someone educate me?


Bruce_Daddy, somehow the OP doesn’t jive with the five word description of yourself elsewhere. :smiley: