Self hating jew? Norman Finkelstein

Ever heard of him? Sounds pretty scholarly…

If you have the attention span… here’s the condensed version of his whole argument… A question and answer session at Yale University last year
46 minutes (Audio) 12 MB MP3
46 minutes (Viedo) 82 MB WMV

In a similar vein, here is the infamous canadian self-hating jew: David Noble and related 'pedia article

What makes this guys “self-hating,” in your opinion?

“This guy,” if you prefer.

Doesn’t look as self-hating as Bobby Fischer

Apparently both his mother and father are Jewish, and he’s probably one of the most outspoken anti-Semite I’ve heard in awhile.

Right. Every Jew who criticizes Israel or charges that some exploit the Holocaust for political gain is self-hating, and every non-Jew who does so is an anti-Semite. :rolleyes:

He seems like a good guy and brave. Not a drop of hatred in him.

Exactly right.

It’s just a question… other people claim he is.

I found Finkelstein while looking through Wiki in an Alan Dershowitz article. I probably could’ve titled the thread a bit better. No offence to anyone, just asking other’s opinions.

I just think he is a disturbingly interesting fellow