Has anyone any information or links to such about self-hypnotism.

Also anyone first-hand experienced successful self-hypnotism?

I would like to self-hypnotize myself to stop eating fast-food and possibly a couple other things.

Any examples? Or is all fake?

here ya go, remember, google is your friend

there were a lot more than just that.

I’m not about to put my puny B.A. in psych against the words of Ph.D.s. But I do want to point out some things:

  1. Be cautious of anyone or any method that promises you something that sounds too good to be true. All of those sites promised to show you how to lose weight, gain confidence, stop smoking, stop drinking, be smarter, look better, succeed in your career, etc. Anyone who has done any of those things will tell you that it’s not just a matter of hypnotizing yourself or meditating (though they can help).

  2. That Geocities site should be led out to some dank, deserted alley and shot repeatedly with a high-caliber handgun.

  3. Be skeptical of promises made by someone trying to sell you something, as all those sites seem to be.

  4. Be wary of promises made by a site that doesn’t have its facts straight, or spouts ideas that sound unusual, new, or excessively simplified and presents them as fact. Chances are good there are a lot of important details and caveats that they’re glossing over or outright ignoring.

InfoKlepto, I work with a professor and a bunch of grad students whose specialization is (self) behavior modification. I’ve used some of their research findings and tips to make improvements on myself and my own habits. Perhaps this is my bias, but I strongly suggest you investigate a behavior modification approach first.

I’ve read a pretty good book on what hypnotism can do, and I can self-hypnotize myself slightly. It is very useful for controlling acute pain and relaxing.

Here’s how it works. Hypnosis is nothing more than a state of openness to suggestion. Have you seen people go into a trance staring at a fire, well, hypnosis is similar.

Sit in a comfortable chair (never do this while driving, like I need to say it?) Relax. Take an inventory of your body from toe to head and tell yourself that each part is relaxed. Then breath slowly and evenly with deep breaths, counting each breath backwards from 10 to 1. When you get to one, slowly say outloud to yourself what your suggestion is. When you are done giving yourself suggestions, say you will end your trance, and then do so. Repeat three times a week.

When you are going about your business, keep following your suggestion. You need to use your suggestions while not in a trance too. This isn’t magic.

Also, try this page:

Has anyone yet achieved the Office Space state of hypnosis?