I am pitting myself for Posting Under The Influence – however unintentional it might be.

I’ve made mutiple posts to the *"**Is $18,400/year (for 4) a fair or realistic “poverty line”? ** *" thread tonight, not knowing that my medication for a respiratory illness had warped both my communicative and critical thinking skills.

Any posts in said thread should be disregarded. I cluttered up a thread with half-baked math.budgeting and exceptionally poor critical thinking and reading comprehension.

My apologies to all and please disregard all posts I’ve made in that thread.
Everything I’ve ever needed to learn, I learned at SDMB. Number six is:

** Never post to a messageboard while heavily medicated for respiratory illnesses. Nebulizers and Codeine do no mix.**

I’ll repost what I posted over there:

I will add, Welcome to the Boards, enjoy your stay and beware of squid. I think your rule is a good rule and one we should all remember.


Eh, you’re probably not as think as you stoned you are.

I understand your embarrassment, Dracona, but your apology within the thread in question was more than sufficient. No need to beat yourself up about it again here.

Thread closed.