Self-removal of moles

Yes, I understand that I SHOULD let a doctor handle mole removal, however I’m tempted to try it myself. It’s my understanding that almost all moles are benign. And if it IS benign, any damage to the mole is not going to cause it to become cancerous. That the only real danger is that if it’s not benign, that cutting or damaging the mole might cause it to spread cancerous cells.

I’ve had a mole on my side for as long as I can remember. I’m fairly certain I was born with it, but I can remember noticing it as a kid, at least 20 years ago. It hasn’t changed in all that time, so I’m pretty sure it’s just your average mole. But despite all the time we’ve spent together, I think it’s time for it to go.

I’ve heard that tying a string (or even hair!) around it tightly will cause it to fall off. I’m even somewhat tempted to handle it the way I do my occasional skin tag. Manicuring scissors and hydrogen peroxide. Is this REALLY a bad thing to do? Is it NECCESSARY to let a doctor, cut it off for me? I’ve got pretty stable hands.

Oh, and what about freezing it off myself with one of those wart removal systems?

I have a feeling you’re not going to get any definitive advice here other than “talk to a doctor.”

I will say that tying a string around it is probably just going to cause it to rot off. Probably not the best way of going about things

So yeah, talk to a real doctor face to face before trying anything.

I really doubt you’ll get any constructive advice about self-surgery here beyond “don’t engage in it”.

Remember, if you cut too deep, your guts will fall out, your lungs could collapse, and if you nick one of the arteries between the ribs, it’ll be a race between bleeding to death and being a pulseless non-breather on the basis of electro-mechanical dissociation, as the volume of blood filling your chest cavity cuts off your aorta.

Electro-cautery or more handily, blowtorches, have been known to explosively ignite pockets of gas in the intestines, too.

I bet gabriela has even better tales of folks being overly-aggressive in the self-improvement efforts.

QtM, picking up the pieces of other people’s botched auto-amputation attempts for over 2 decades now.

Well it’s settled, that’s going on your tombstone.

Fine, fine… I’ll see the doc. But really, now. It’s just a tiny mole, not one of those great big monstrocities with the hair and all. Its the size of… let’s say… a pencil eraser cut in eighths. Or a “white head” on the side of your nose. Not big at all. The resulting wound would be paltry indeed. I’d be surprised if it bled for more than a minute.

IANAD, but I have lots of moles and have enquired about their removal; apparently they aren’t quite the surface phenomenon they appear to be; if this is true, you’ll either do yourself quite an injury in removing it, or you will not be completely successful.


This kind of thread just isn’t a good idea on this board.

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