Sell me on Who are You as a good album

Who are You was on sale on Amazon’s downloads on Friday for 1.99. With the exception of the Who are You song and Sister Disco, I’m not convinced this is really a great album. Certainly not up to Who’s Next standards or Tommy or Quadrophenia.

It’s two bucks. Buy it. A bad Who album for 2 bucks is a greater value than the bazillions of shitty albums out there for 10 bucks.

I did buy it. But, now I’m listening to Who’s Next which I also picked up for $2.00

Ah. Misunderstood the purpose of the post, I think.

I really like The Who, but no, I’m not going to sell you on this album. I think all the earlier albums are better (I haven’t heard Who By Numbers yet though). I like the same two songs as you. But in general it’s a little weak, and I hate the synths.

Who’s Next though - Now there’s a masterpiece. Right from the amazing intro to Baba O’ Riley.

I’ve got Who’s Next cranked up very loud and a cold beer. Excellent album.

I’m at “My Wife” now. I think the lead is the drums, not the lead guitar. :slight_smile:

Well, it isn’t really a great album. I’m a huge Who fan, but some albums are simply better than others. I’d say Who Are You is well worth a two dollar download, but if you’re hoping for it to be as good as the band’s three most beloved albums then you’re out of luck.

Oh, mr. jp, The Who By Numbers is quite a good album. It’s unfortunately best known for the joke song “Squeeze Box”, but there are some great numbers on there like “Slip Kid” and “How Many Friends”. Overall much better than Who Are You, although that’s of course IMHO.

One of my favorite albums! The only weak track is “Love is Coming Down.”

Guitar and Pen-Favorite track. What’s the time sig, like 3/4, 3/4, 2/4, 2/4 repeating? Keith beats the shit out of his kit in the fills.

You can walk you can talk you can fight but inside you’ve got something to write.
In your hand you hold your only friend; never spend your guitar or your pen.

The song’s a masterpiece with great musicianship all around.


New Song: I appreciate Townshend’s self-deprecating lyrics.

My head is spinning as I score with my pen, 'cause I’ve been pouring vodka in my soul.
Nothing ever really changes my friend; new lines for old, new lines for old.

905-Great synth. We’re still debating stem cells etc.

Mother was an incubator/Father was the contents
Of a test tube in the ice box/In the factory of birth

Music Must Change-Some fine guitar work by Townshend.

But the high has to rise from the low
Black volcanoes explode into snow
The mosquito’s dream brings a dream
But the poisons derange
The music must change…

Who Are You is not a great album. It’s an album with several great songs on it.

The quality of the songs is very uneven. It doesn’t “hang together.” I suspect that Pete Townshend was putting most of his creative energies into his solo stuff at that point. Perhaps that’s why there are three Entwistle songs on the album. Fortunately, I love Entwistle songs.

Trick of the Light is my favorite Who song ever, and I’m rather fond of .905. Very Huxley. Who Are You is also a great song. The rest of the songs, IMHO, range from decent to meh.

I always feel a little melancholy listening to the album, though. I feel that it’s a great showcase for Keith’s growth and progress as a drummer. He’s more controlled. He shows more versatility. But…well, you know how the story ends.

Who Are You is worth $1.99 for sure, but it would just be silly to try and compare it to the truly great Who albums. Enjoy it for what it is.

Since I don’t have to sell WAY to you, I’ll direct you to the liner notes on

My favorite lyrics, from the title song:

*"I know there’s a place you walk
Where love falls from the trees,
My heart is like a broken cup,
I want to kneel down on my knees

I spit out like a sewer hole
And still receive your kiss
How can I measure up to anyone now
After such a love as this?"*

Classic Pete–still seeking and struggling with fame and his inner demons.

I think it’s a pretty underrated album by the group.

“Music Must Change” and “Guitar and Pen” are really great songs; “New Song,” “Who Are You?,” and “905” are pretty good. Overall, I think it rates up, though not as great as Tommy or Who’s Next.

Is that the re-issue with “Baby Don’t You Do It”? A blistering version with Leslie West on lead guitar.

I remember hearing an interview with Pete when the album came out and he was pretty defensive, saying stuff like “Of course you don’t get it right away, you have to listen to it, like, ten times before you can really understand it!”