Semper Fi - 234 Years Young

Happy Birthday! to the US Marine Corps. Today, November 10, is the 234th birthday of the world’s greatest fighting force.

Every year while my Dad was alive he had a running contest as to who would be the first to walk up among selected friends and state with pride, “Semper Fi.” Dad served in World War II in the South Pacific. (His future wife was serving in the US Army state-side at the time.) As kids, it was an annual rite that the whole family attended the President’s Own concert when it came into town.

As a respect to my father and all his Leathernecks whom he knew, every year the running contest continues with a coworker of mine. Her husband served three tours in Vietnam. Today, while I may try to claim the edge, the moment we saw each other we said in unison, “Semper Fi!!!”

To all of you Leathernecks, active and veterans, today is your day. Thank you for your service.