Senator Kennedy has expensive taste in cars!

I was on Storrow Drive here in Boston a while ago, and saw something curious a few cars ahead of me. It was a current-generation Mercedes S55 AMG, with a Washington D.C. plate numbered “10”. Thinking this must be someone important, I made my way closer. As I did, I noticed a small Ferrari shield decal tucked on the bottom left side of the rear window. “Hmm,” I thought, “interesting…”

After some more weaving in and out of traffic, I pulled up alongside the car, and looked at who was inside. And who did I see but Senator Edward Kennedy! I would have expected him to be a passenger in a limo with a bodyguard or something, but nope…just a (relatively) ordinary car moving with the rest of traffic.

Anyway, he glared at me, and I took the next exit.

Just thought I’d share…

I wouldn’t recommend driving too close to him. The Charles River is right there and I doubt he would put down his scotch to call you some help at least not until much later.

You saw a Kennedy? In Boston? Well, color me amazed

(Obligatory Chappaquiddick joke.)

It’s the Snorkel option that is the expensive thing…

I used to go to a lot of DP functions-and the Kennedies seemed to favor beat-up old Chevies… I guess Ted is speonding some money in his final years. I agree-the man probably was either a few minutes from having a double scotch, or a few minutes from having a double scotch-watch out!

That’s just what they drive for show when they go out to meet the common folk. I’m sure they don’t drive them in their private lives.

Hmmm… substitute T. Cullen Davis, Cadillac and I-30 and I told this story a decade or two back.

Wealthy killers… Don’t want to live with 'em, can’t incarcerate 'em. Not much satisfaction there, huh?