Sending food through the mail

Sorry for posting two topic so close together, but is it okay to send nonperishable food overseas? I could go down to the post office tomorrow and ask about my end of the line but how does America, say, feel about getting biscuits in the mail?

Sure happens everyday. Lots of mothers and wives send food to their loved ones in the military. You can buy food items from mail order companies. No booze, guns, stuff like that. Your OZ P.O. should be aware of U.S. postal regs.

Well, I can’t speak for everyone else but I’m quite fond of receiving baked goods in the mail!

Yeah, it’s pretty common. Wrap it very thoroughly so it won’t get stale and make sure to pay for some sort of fast delivery. There’s no law against mailing food, or if it is, it’s one I’ve broken plenty of times.

Baked goods should be no problem. From overseas you have to worry about Customs.

What food can I bring into the U.S. (fruit, cheese, meat, etc)?

I re-read that link, and it explicitly says that information does not apply to the mail, only people entering the country as travelers. Sorry. But still, any commercially packaged food or homemade baked goods should be no problem. I think the biggest concern is importing agricultural pests, so no fresh fruit or vegetables.

i’ve seen my old roommate receive an orange and an apple, each with stamps and and address stuck directly on them, in the mail.

Yeah, but from Australia (see the OP)? Packages coming in from overseas have to clear Customs.

There was a Doper Candy Exchange a few months ago. My parcel got through just fine as did my goodies from the US.