Sending private messages

I wanted to send a private message to someone here at the dope and I get a message saying my account doesn’t allow it.What is wrong?

Private messages are disabled on this board for ALL members. They take to much resources.

If they want to receive private messages, they will probably allow email from members.
Try clicking on their name to see if that option appears.

If it makes you feel any better (though I doubt it does), PMs are also disabled for all the staff. We briefly enabled PMs for the staff only, as a test, and it slowed the board down to a crawl. So, MadTheSwine, nothing is wrong with your account.

Well, it WOULDN’T have slowed to a crawl if it hadn’t been for all those wild messages about upcoming staff parties and the pool about who would be wearing the lampshades!!! :smiley:

Okay, here’s an odd one – I just got an email that koeeoaddi (who’s someone I communicate with sporadically off the boards) had sent me a private message – “click here to retrieve” – and of course clicking got the “not authorized” page.

Just a thought, would it be possible to replace the “not authorized” message with one that says “Private messages are disabled on this board for performance reasons” or similar?

Better yet, would it be possible to remove the “send private message” link altogether?

Perhaps upgrading the hardware would help?

She sent you that from the “parallel universe board” which you must not have found yet. You can probably retrieve it on that board.

That’s right, twicks. I was just testing out the nifty new PM feature. Guess it did work. :slight_smile:

Whoa – and my response that I found it only exists in the parallel universe board. cue “Twlight Zone” music

Yes, that would make perfect sense to you if you were mucking around on the Other Board.

While I’ve advocated enabling the edit function, PMs are something else. I’ve got it enabled on my site, but on the SDMB, there’s a few risks: the messages consume hard drive space, they don’t magically go away if a user disappears, and there’s now the threat of vBulletin private message spam to worry about. I think PMs are great, but in a hardware-challenged environment like the SDMB, well … not to.