Now that I have finished my college applications, senioritis is practically in full swing.

Does anyone know anything about its origin? I am guessing it is a pretty recent term, probably going back about thirty years at most. Anyone else have a more definitive answer?

Being a senior in high school, the word “senioritis” greatly annoys me. Look up the suffix -itis, and you’ll find see “Indicates inflammation of or inflammatory disease” Such as appendicitis, bronchitis, laryngitis, etc. Inflammation of the Seniors? What the hell is that? Am I expected to show up at school with boils all over my skin or something?

Anyways, senioritis obviously has a negative connotation. However, the “afflicition” of senioritis is usually the senior class having more freedom and not wanting to adhere to the rules of the school. The natural desire for freedom is not a bad thing, so senioritis might be better called maturity.

As for the origin of the term, I don’t know really.

Well, when I was in the service, we used to call it short, or short timer, as in “I can’t go work on that F-4 sarge, I’m too short to reach the cockpit.” (no, it didn’t work). However, on topic, you could argue that senioritis refers to inflammation of the seniors ego :wink:

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Krish,ken, yall don’t know what senioritis is. now that I have a few years under my belt,I know what it is. I just can’t seem to remember right now. HEY! When did SD start using this fuzzy typface? Something is wrong with my desk arraingement too. When I sit so I can read the screen ,I can’t reach the keys. What are we talking about? Who are you guys? Did you want something?Why are you bothering me?'Scuse me I gotta go see whats on the SD boards.

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Ken. Son. The first step to solving a problem is to admit one exists. I work with high schoolers every day. (Hell, I was even a HS senior once myself.)

“Maturation” maybe. Certainly not “maturity”. While it’s true that teenagers have to start experiencing their freedom as they get older, the initial tendency is to take inappropriate advantage of it. So many of them forget that they should treat the underclassmen the way they (the seniors) wanted to be treated when they where freshmen and sophomores. Instead, they think, “Great! Now it’s my turn to abuse someone else.” This is wrong. I thought it was wrong when I was a freshman, I thought it was wrong when I was a senior, and I still think it’s wrong 16 years later.

The “itis” suffix is appropriate in its tounge-in-cheek way. “Inflammation” is an excellent way to describe the false sense of superiority that many seniors develop.

Now back to the OP. Where did it come from?

Um. Don’t know. Sorry.

I remember my senioritis… I must have slept in about every other day after January, didn’t care about homework, went home early, slept through more classes… ahhh…
I was cured from this disease in September though, through a little injection of college.

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What about the time period of its origin? How long has the word been in use?

i don’t know about all that, but let me tell you, even though i’m a junior, i’ve had a bad case of senioritis since freshman year. or maybe even 8th grade.

In my extremely academic high school, senioritis began in April, when college acceptances come in. Once accepted to college, even the most hard drivin grade grubbers decided to kick back & do the bare minimum.

Who can blame em? Bust your ass for 7 semesters and see how you feel about the final spring of your high school career. (no sympathy here for non-ass-busters, BTW)