Senor Beef and his crusade against knowledge

Do we really have to have a special rule just for one TV show, just because one poster hasn’t read the books? 80% of the SDMB has read them.

The mission of the SDMB is to FIGHT ignorance, not promulgate it. I am sorry if Senor Beef and his ilk are illiterate, but that’s their problem, not everyone else’s. As has been shown, most Dopers have read and enjoyed the books. Dopers are a rather literate crowd, Senor Beef notwithstanding.

Yes, we do support “no open spoilers’ in general, but this is the only Poster that gets to set his own personal rules for his thread.

The only reason why there’s a kerfluffle about this is that the illiterate crowd makes it that way.

Look dude, I know those are rather large thick books, and when you move your lips while reading and have to sound out all the “hard words” it makes slow going. But why penalize those of us who can actually read?


Is there some sort of video link I could watch to figure this whole thing out?

I’m guessing there’s a no spoilers rule in one of the Game of Thrones threads because SenorBeef asked for it. I think the TV show is lagging behind the books by a volume or two.

I don’t have a problem with “No spoilers’, that’s a reasonable request. But he has insisted on no mention of the book, in any way shape or form, and seems proud of the fact that he has not read them.

Eh. In a thread about a TV show, I think it’s ok to not reference the books. If people want to chat about upcoming events using their book knowledge, it’s not like there’s a thread limit. Just make a GoT Show+Books thread and let everyone who’s part of both groups participate as they see fit. If that leaves SenorBeef posting by himself in the straight up tv thread, thems the breaks.


You just know some glasses will be needing taped.

Fair point, I used to play D&D, I read lots of books, am a Star Wars & Trek fan, etc.

But nerds read. **Senor Beef **does not.

The nerds are down to fight, yeah.
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You beat me to it. This is the nerdiest thing I’ve ever seen.

Why is it impossible for you to follow his request or just stay out of the fucking thread? Start your own thread and quit being an ass.

Really? It’s not even the nerdiest thing I’ve seen on this board today. Though, the fact that it’s in the pit does make it extra entertaining.

I for one am literate enough to have read all the books, *and *the spoiler policy in Beef’s threads. There are approximately two dozen other Game of Thrones threads at any given time, so I hardly feel deprived of conversation involving the books.

I don’t think you get to claim the cultural high ground because you read some pop fantasy lit instead of watching the TV show produced by the author. It’s simultaneously demeaning to TV as legitimate culture and falsely aggrandizing of the books.

I didn’t read The Hunt for Red October. Am I allowed to talk about the movie without discussion veering into Clancy’s knack for technological detail?

Yeah. All the man asked for is one thread per episode in which the book and its contents aren’t mentioned. Is it so hard to give him this?

Sure, as it’s based upon his demand for ignorance and his illiteracy. I have no problem with asking for “no spoilers", that’s just courtesy, but to demand that the book can’t even be mentioned- only because you aren’t literate enough to read it? Puhleeze.

What makes it nerdy is DrDeth’s inability to control himself. He can’t stop picking fights with SenorBeef for having the wrong attitude toward spoilers.

I know it makes an easy cudgel to use against the TV-only crew by calling them ignorant or lazy, but it isn’t warranted.

The show is a pastiche of the original novels. It’s different. And when discussing the show, the novels aren’t hugely relevant if you’re interested in the show alone, and don’t want spoilers.

I’ve read the novels, by the way, and I think you’re being histrionic in response to the chiding you got in that thread.

One purely voluntary messageboard pop-culture discussion thread sequence that stipulates no mention of a particular pop-fiction book counts as a “crusade against knowledge”?


Excuse me a second while I pop down the hall to pursue a death-defying epic quest for bladder comfort restoration.