Senoy, not a pit, just an ask, please?

Senoy, paragraphs are really handy things, especially on a messageboard like this where reading stuff is what we do.

Nowadays, I see your posts but my eyes just glaze over mate…because it’s just TOO HARD to read your swathes of text. I do appreciate your contributions to this board, but can ya PLEASE break up your posts into paragraphs?


You couldn’t have just PM’d this question?

I’m not likely to change anyway. :slight_smile: I’m a windbag by nature and tend to lump thoughts into large paragraphs. I can try, but a couple sentences a thought just doesn’t seem to work for me for very long.

Is there a thread in which I am being particularly egregious?

Dammit, could some brave soul break this word salad down for me, please? I just don’t have the stamina.

My life hack for folks likes this is I’ll highlight the entire post, then as I’m reading, I’ll mouse over an unhighlight each line as I’m reading.

It’s still annoying, but a workable solution.

You can have the same thought and break it up into smaller paragraphs. I learned to do it when I was 12 or so.

Even poor man’s paragraphs are better than none: just break them up every few sentences or so. They don’t have to be proper paragraphs.

I just looked at 10-12 fairly recent Senoy posts and I fear I cannot support this (not)-pitting. Yeah, he has a tendency to write about 3 more sentences than necessary to get his thought across, but the sentences are fairly well-structured, grammar is good, and he doesn’t seem (IMHO) to get off topic. So yeah, the paragraphs are a bit longer than most dopers, but they are on-topic and readable (again, IMHO).

I think it is incumbent upon kambuckta and/or others to provide examples for examination.


Pssst… “message board” is two words. :smiley:

Told you it wasn’t a Pit.

Oh well, carry on then. :stuck_out_tongue:

*Let us now talk of the words of Senoy,
Casually tossed, ensured to annoy.
Gathering storms of enormous wrath
Just from the want of a few paragraphs.
Consciousness streams as he shares all his thoughts,
But the fury resulting brings all this to naught.

Use the RETURN, how hard could it be?
It’s easy to spot, it’s the fattest of keys.
Is your right pinky broken? Is its use out of season?
Did your Yakuza boss want it chopped for some reason?
We tense as your sentences run on for hours
Our free time, your endless extension devours.

I know breaking up can be quite hard to do
But streams of cognition can spray, flood and spew.
“White space” sounds racist, I cheerfully cede.
But please have some pity on we who must read.*

Why did you use Yakuza here instead of Mafia? Same number of syllables.


See the line immediately preceding it: it is concerned with the state of Senoy’s pinky. In popular culture, Yakuza members are at times portrayed cutting off and offering up parts of fingers to atone for mistakes. The author alludes to this as a further possible example of mishap having befallen Senoy’s littlest finger, in turn as a possible explanation for imperfect utilization of the “return” key. Had he incorporated leaving guns and taking cannoli, I’m sure he would’ve used Mafia.

Huh, I didn’t know that. A cool thing that happened while I was looking up “Yakuza cutting off fingers” was that I stumbled upon this: Ex-Japanese Gangsters Turn to Prosthetics for Normal Life

That’s pretty cool.

Personally, I’m just happy to have my own pit page. I feel like I have really made it now. Honestly, I would have preferred it be over some obscure philosophical argument where my rapier wit and incisive debate left no recourse but to begin petty pit insults, but I’ll take a page based on me being a windbag. It’s truly just an honor to be nominated. [/bow]

You could consider developing a rapier wit; then you might get that other kind of Pitting. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to make do with the tools I have available to me. You can’t expect a dolphin to win a tree-climbing contest.


It could if a land shark were chasing it.