Sense8 Christmas Special

Anyone watch? It was pretty good. Nothing too much happened plot-wise, but it was nice catching up with the gang. A couple nice fight scenes with Sun and Wolfgang. Obligatory bisexual orgy.

I’d forgotten that Kala did get married.

Capheus got replaced with a new actor, and they hung a huge lampshade over it with a dialogue about new faces. The new guy isn’t as charming as the old one. I guess that actor got canned over some homophobic attitudes which isn’t a good idea working with the Wachowski siblings. I also heard one of the Wachowski’s left the show or something? I guess because… Wachowski?

So what’d you think?

New season starts in May.

Lilly’s still ‘involved with’ the show, but took a less active roll. JMS also apparently took a step back from the work, so Lana’s the main creative force for the special and second season.

I don’t know if the characters accents have drifted toward the American, or if I’ve just gotten used to them, but I had to have the subtitles on a lot less than I did for season 1…the Somalis, especially, gave me less trouble.

Not much interest, I guess.

I don’t like Riley getting Will hooked on heroin just to avoid Whispers. Surely Kala could come up with something less addictive? Why can’t he be sober, as long as he doesn’t know where he is?

If I understand it correctly, if Will has a clear mind, then Whispers can get to the others through his mind. So the heroin is more to keep him muddle-brained than unconscious.

I really like the show, all of the characters are portrayed with a lot of love. But calling the bad guy Whispers is… too… Sesame Street? I don’t know but it just seems like a lame nickname for him. And I’m not fully buying why they all can’t just go kill Whispers and solve the problem that way. Heck, at this point, use Will as bait and hire some snipers to take him out.

Well I’m guessing they figure that out at some point. Remember it really hasn’t been that terribly long since Whispers connected to Will.

I enjoyed the Christmas Special, especially how they introduced the new Van Damm guy (HA, a haircut!)

I watched and liked the whole first season back when it hit Netflix. I didn’t adore it, but it was solid and really improved.

I’m only 20-25 minutes into the special and it is just too dull. I’ll likely finish it, but this show, in my opinion, needs more forward momentum in the plot. JMS is taking his time like this is a 5-year Babylon 5 type show. We only get a few episodes per year. We need more development.

I see only Lana Wachowski directed this episode. First movie/show one of the Wachowski siblings has directed alone?

Did it? I watched the first few episodes before giving up, and I was trying to imagine the pitch meeting: “It’s just like the show Heroes, except everyone has the same really boring powers!”

Yes it improved, but it never reached greatness. However, there were some great things late in the first season.

The special would have been fine at 45 minutes. Was interminable at two hours.

Ah, the actor that plays Van Damme is different? I thought something was up, but it’s been 18 months or so since the show aired.

I’m not hate-watching the special. No, but I am slogging through it. It’s a mess. 46 minutes in and nothing has happened that I care about.

I blame no one who quits on this. I’m continuing on, but this is a mess.

To me, the “homophobic attitudes” claim is overblown. What actually happened is the guy didn’t like doing the homosexual orgy scenes that the Wachowskis seem to feel are obligatory for the show. I don’t recall him in the one with Lido, Will, and the rest in the first season, but I guess they wouldn’t let him bow out of another. (I liked the original actor more than his replacement).

I don’t recall Kala, Sun, and Riley getting dragged in when Nomi’s getting her freak on with the Doctor’s old companion, but really I fast forward thru all the sex scenes - they seems gratuitous - so I could have missed it.

Yeah, the special could have been shorter. It was all right, but mostly exposition and set-up for the coming season that viewers of a streaming show don’t need (we can go back, there’s no need for “previously on” with a web show). I really hope we move forward on Sun’s story next season.

I wish they’d touch more on what it’s like being in a different body. Sun, switched to a stronger, heavier body or a softer, curvier one, should need to make adjustments, for instance.

Lido and Wolfgang are my favorite team - both always seem a little surprised at how useful the other’s skills are.

Finally got to this last night. Wow, what a dragger. Like watching two hours of MTV videos for bands you aren’t sure you really like. :slight_smile:

The problem is that Christmas Specials have to stand alone and not disturb the season-to-season continuity and story, so they have to sort of march in place with no big plot revelations and no one getting born, dead, maimed or in any way much changed. This one fits that to a T… or maybe an LBGT. Lots of fairly fluffy fill, some meaningless menace, sexsexsex…

I think what made it drag was the pacing. After 30 minutes, every single scene had that “closing act” feel in dialogue, pacing, score, conclusion… and then there was another such. And another. And another. And… I dunno, maybe 20 of those in a row? Wearing.

Having two of the three runners basically step off the bus foretends a very different second season. Maybe that’s for the good. JMS always has been great with the idea and the first season’s direction, and then flounders and loses his way.

Anyone else follow this vibe: that straight MF sex is a bit parody/lampshaded, while the gay and trans sex is treated with the most lavish respect and attention?

I also had a sourish thought about the basic premise. The whole thing is a metaphor for the super-connected world we’re increasingly inhabiting, but there’s a downside. For all the love and companionship and support for one’s own woes and troubles, an awful lot of the Cluster’s purpose, in dramatic terms anyway, is to allow each of them to wallow in seven times as much unpleasantness.

Strange, compelling show, and I know just enough about TV/film production to be in slack-jawed awe of the logistics of filming these complex, busy, multi-person scenes all over the planet with almost perfect continuity and flow.

Also finished it. Total snooze. Badly written, mainly. Just a boring script.

Riley told Will toward the end of the episode that they would have to do something about Whispers. I think that’s the plot for the next season. I doubt that talented group would need to “hire” snipers–but it won’t be simple.

I had enough time off to re-watch Season 1 before watching the Christmas episode. The show is not perfect but when it’s good, it’s very, very good. The scope of the production & the beauty of so much of it counts for a lot in my book.

What more does a Very Special Christmas Episode need than an orgy, a bit of ultra-violence & some cozy time with family & friends? Lots of forward plot development wasn’t needed–but I did see a very pointed reference to future developments. (That is, Get Whispers.)

I’m fairly straight but the bisexual stuff doesn’t squick me. Looking forward to May.

According to JMS, there is going to be major plot movement next season, if you can believe him. If they do take out Whispers, I wonder what then? I hope they’ve put serious thought into it.

I could live without the orgys, frankly. It’s nice they’re giving equal time to other sexualities, but I’d like to see some of them be more than just a sexuality.

I thought it was pretty good. It’s not a show about action; it’s about relationships, and especially about love, and it dealt with several complications in that area: Leto dealing with being outed, Kala having to deal with both her husband (who she does love) and her feelings for Wolfgang.

And it did move the plot along – Whispers was getting to Will through his father. I suspect that will be a major arc in season 2.

I’m trying to think what Nomi brings to the Cluster except having once identified as male. But then, Lito doesn’t bring much besides the ability to cry on cue - which has been useful, unlike Nomi’s gender issues.

Missed edit, of course Nomi is the hacker whiz.

Yeah, I was just about to say she’s the super hacker who’s abilities are verging on superhero level.

Now that you mention her, that reminds of something I was thinking about. When Sun was in the prison interrogation room with the three bad guys, Nomi said “the security camera just powered down.” Sun wasn’t looking at the camera. Also, during Wolfgang’s fight at the end of the show, I saw Wolfgang fighting one guy, and one of the others - I think Will - was grappling with one of the others. That doesn’t make sense. I though when one of them was visiting another in their cluster, they could pretty much only see what the other person can see, and they can step into and out of the other person’s body, but it’s almost like they are really there in some ways.