Sense8 - new show from Joe Straczynski and the Wachowskis

Premiering next year some time on Netflix. Color me interested, for sure. I loved Babylon 5 and I liked Jeremiah quite a bit, so I hope it’s a good show.

Netflix Greenlights JMS show.

I think we’ve seen Joe’s one worthy idea.

And he pounded that one into pulp.

To be fair, he was a bit Ed Wood with the extensions of B5. He wanted to make fantastic shows, most of the actors wanted to make fantastic shows, but the money guys and channel runners wanted him to make filler on a shoestring. He held them off (mostly) for the original 5 years. Failed thereafter.

But I haven’t seen a non-B5 production from JMS that was better than meh.

I kind of think we’ve seen the Wachowskis’ one idea, too, another one that was pounded into pulp and beyond.

They’re a team, ain’t they?

Oh…sense8 = sensate. I really hate overly clever titles but I hope JMS can pull off something decent. Netflixs looks like it’s trying to become a streaming HBO so the money should be there.

Maybe - but money alone is not enough, as any number of staggeringly expensive Hollywood bombs stand in example of.

JMS and the W’s each had one fairly brilliant and innovative idea that they rode into the ground (sometimes repeatedly) and have pretty much failed at everything else they’ve attempted. I don’t think either of them are anywhere near as fantastically creative as their more adoring fans would have us believe. The combination of the two, even with a new and probably supportive money machine, does not fill me with hope that they will recreate a B5 or a Matrix.

Don’t get me wrong - I admire JMS greatly and can’t overvalue the treasure that is B5, especially as he brought it to us at great personal cost and (if the stories are true) for next to no compensation other than his per-episode payments. If he never did anything else I liked, he’s a hall of famer to me.

But his (and the W’s) subsequent track record doesn’t have me expecting another good one… ever.

Cloud Atlas was pretty good too.

Ok, why are people calling him ‘Joe’? It’s ‘Michael.’ When someone initializes their first name, and spells out their middle, it’s because people call that person by their middle name. Just like when people initialize their middle name, that means they go by just their first when being referred to or spoken to.
Now that that’s out of the way, my turn to snark:

Since this is a Straczynski show, it will have it’s own rabid fanbase before it begins.

It’s Joe. A friend of mine used to date him and has remained one of his closest friends for the last 10 years or so.

He calls himself Joe. He gets everyone to refer to him as Joe. Everyone calls him Joe.

It’s Joe.

Others have beaten me to pointing out that he calls himself “Joe” and is usually addressed that way.

Not everyone who uses a first initial does it because of a dislike of their first name or a wish to be addressed by their middle; there are those who think it looks more distinctive. I used to be one of those and wrote for about a decade as “A. Effing Barbarian” rather than any simpler form of my name… simply because it tickled me and looked good in print. No one has ever called me by my middle name and I have no issues with my first name (both of which are rather ordinary, 'spectable choices for men of my age and most others).

I’ve made something of a habit of collecting instances where individuals dropped their first name or used a leading initial, and “looks classy” seems to lead “hate my first name” by a good margin. President Thomas Wilson is an example.

My apologies.

Now to berate the jerk who insists people call him by the name he initializes…

Time to resurrect this - Sense8 is now available on Netflix and I was surprised to see there’s no current thread about it. I’m roughly halfway through and enjoying it even if the actual plot doesn’t seem very interesting so far. But I do like the people and the quiet or happy moments where they are just sort of hanging out - there’s too few of those and too much meaningless constant noise and action in many movies and TV series these days, IMO.

Still not entirely sure what to make of it all, but I’ve always been a bit slow on figuring out what I like and what I hate. I can’t be the only Doper watching this, so what do you others think of it so far?

I watched most of the first episode. If I had any confidence that was going to go somewhere interesting, maybe I’d continue wading through it, but it seems like a lot of meandering tedium so far. Given the names attached to it, I’m not confident they can pull off anything coherent out of what I saw in the first thirty minutes.

Maybe someone can finish it and completely spoiler the entire thing? I need to know that there will be a payoff.

I wouldn’t call plundering the works of Mamoru Oshii, “an idea”…

I read this rundown of the 8 main characters a week or two back, and couldn’t believe how many cliches they managed to pack into such a small cast. I failed to find any interest in the show.

Absolutely loved it. Great concept, great story, loved the acting and how they played their characters. It got a bit graphic, but what a unique storyline and concept!

Graphic how?

Sounds interesting. Eight people around the world can share their memories, languages, skills, etc. That’s a unique idea, isn’t it? I’ll check it out. Need some summer viewing.

Heard Syfy has got a couple shows coming down the pipe soon, too.

Lots of sex. And some violence. Oh, and some close-ups of human birth, that was fairly graphic too.