Sensitivity after Trimming Fingernails

I haven’t really asked folks about this - perhaps I should do an informal live poll first, but I am more interested in the fact-based cause of it.

Do you notice this sensitivity? When I trim my nails - leaving, oh, maybe 1/16" edge of while above the pink, so basically pretty darn close - I find my fingertips are sensitive for about 2 days afterwards. The sensitivity seems to emanate from the juncture between the nail and the flesh of the finger. I really notice it when I am scrubbing my scalp while washing my hair.

Do you experience this? Does anyone know what causes it?

I have experienced this. It doesn’t seem to happen if I keep my nails trimmed rather than letting them grow long prior to cutting them.

My WAG is that it is due to that part of your finger not being exposed to much sensation for the month or two before hand (he he).