Separate hotel beds for couples

Play in one bed, sleep in two. Married 30 years.

Reminds me of the old joke about a married couple, twin beds and a hat.

This would not be an issue at all. I am not sure why this would be controversial. Sleep in separate beds.

Vacation is about getting my own bed. She gets the one near the AC. :mad:

The dogs choose who they bunk with.

I don’t get why you think that’s the question. It seems a question of preference not what will save your marriage. I also don’t get a couple of these “yay, I get my own bed” responses. Why don’t you use separate beds all the time if it sucks for one of you?

Why not? Mostly for the same reason that we don’t have a king – our bedroom is barely big enough for a queen bed and a dresser. Two twins would take up even more room.

There’d be additional expense, as well, at least for the first time (buying two bedframes / headboards), but it’s mostly about space.

You spend a third of your life in bed, sleep is important to your general wellbeing. Having a comfortable sleep should be a decently high level priority.

Having you analyze our responses also wasn’t part of the question.

But I wasn’t responding to the question. You were.

Yes. Congratulations on recognizing that. Any other amazing insights you wish to share with us?

Anyway, who comes into a thread to ignore the question asked in order to immediately harp on people for the quality of their responses? (Rhetorical: you really don’t have to answer that.)

Something else - change hotels. I refuse to stay in a place so cheap that it has twin beds in a room.

I am, in fact, well aware of this. (I’ll avoid making any snarky comments.)

To be clear, it is not that our current sleeping situation is uncomfortable, it’s that being able to have more space to ourselves is more comfortable.

I didn’t ignore the question. I answered the poll*. Forgive me for discussing something on a message board.

*I voted push together, though I think it’s only once that ever happened. It wasn’t in the interest of saving our marriage, however. It was because that’s how we normally sleep and we’re fairly happy with it that way.

I’m trying to think if I’ve ever seen twin beds in a USA hotel room even at a Motel 6. I’ve seen that configuration on the websites of a few budget hotels in Europe. If I ran across the situation, even with two double beds, I’d opt for the separate bed situation. The situation wouldn’t be acceptable if it was a romantic vacation, but if it is just a place to sleep and shower, then anything would be fine.

It’s like the old saw, tall fences make good neighbors. A big bed makes happy partners. To me anyway. My legs, his girth, and a small bed wouldn’t work.
( god, I am poetic today)

We always sleep separately. She has a tendency to kick & punch in her sleep.

I’ve never seen it in a hotel, but have stayed at a few VRBOs with groups of friends where one couple gets stuck with a room with two twins.

Two large people sleeping in one small bed is a hassle. Moving furniture is also a hassle. Best just to avoid the hassle and sleep as is. There’s no reason not to.

If at all possible, we push the beds together. It just feels strange not to sleep next to her. However, since we sleep on a king-size bed at home, we just can find the way to sleep together in anything smaller than double.

I don’t understand the urge to sleep together in this situation. Is it because you’ve become so accustomed to sleeping with a warm body next to you, it’s hard to get to sleep with out one? :confused:

Data point of 1: We both had (and ended) really, really horrible marriages before we got together. <[TMI deleted]> And now we both just take tremendous mental comfort if we have physical contact, especially in the middle of the night. It more than offsets an awkward sleeping arrangement.